1. Sex without orgasm

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Sounds pointless, but it actually breaks the vicious circle of predictable routine and promotes a powerful release of oxytocin. The next time the orgasm is not “forbidden”, it will be much brighter.


2. Tantric sex

The unique technique of tantric sex allows couples not only to make their sex life much more interesting, but it can also deliver sensations that you did not even suspect.

3. Sex in nature

Sex in nature is exciting not only because of the risk of being noticed, the key point here is in unity with nature from an energetic point of view.

4. Kamasutra

Do you think that only acrobats can do the Kama Sutra? Not at all. Many poses are quite simple even for beginners, but they perfectly help to diversify sexual leisure.

5. Home video

The very process of shooting porn is incredibly exciting! Make a sex video of yours together and it could become one of your favorite bedtime activities. Just remember to protect the file with a password.

6. Unexpected games

Classics of the genre like “truth or dare” are great for bed, and even a simple tickle will give you a lot of fun and carefree minutes.

7. Unusual place

Of course, you should not do this in a public place, but, for example, a dressing room in a clothing store or a toilet in a restaurant are great!