Sex toys are made for heavenly bliss, but some of the unusual sex toys can be put on the shelf to lift your spirits. And not because they are not able to give you a bright orgasm, but simply because such a cute device cheers up with its very appearance. We offer you a review of sex toys that will make you smile!


Female sex toys

Paris Duckie clitoral vibrator

A cute duck that can give you pleasure with its tail and beak, stimulating the clitoris and vaginal walls. Such an innocent sexual joy is ideal for gentle and touching women. Thanks to its waterproof property, the duck can be used in the shower, bath or jacuzzi: the sex toy floats in the water. The massager works in one high-speed mode on two batteries. Collect the entire collection of funny ducks!

vibrator lipstick

It’s a little secret weapon that you can keep in your makeup bag without arousing any suspicion. The vibrator in the shape of a lipstick will be a girl’s best friend, with a powerful motor. The toy is waterproof and controlled by one button. The lipstick can be used for spot stimulation of the nipples, clitoris and perineal area. Great sex toy for women!


Phallus in the form of Barack Obama

It seems we have found a wonderful souvenir to bring back from America! Such an unusual thing was created by the Americans themselves – apparently to increase the rating of their president. We will not take an example yet, but we are looking forward to such surprises in the form of Ryan Gosling or George Clooney!

Rabbit Ramsey-Rabbit

Your affectionate and gentle beast is a cute rabbit that will lift you up to heaven with its ears and nose. Small, reliable and powerful, such a device will be a great companion for women with a sense of humor.

Flexi Felix anal toy

Flexi Felix is ​​the cutest and funniest anal toy in the world! The accessory is made of pure silicone and decorated with five sections. And the funny bug face will bring a lot of laughter into your sex life and save you and your partner from embarrassment.