Sex toys for two

sex toys for two

The lion’s share of clients of sex shops are married couples. And, admittedly, very smart and advanced spouses. Over the years, sex becomes commonplace, you see, it is very difficult after ten years of married life to surprise a still beloved husband with something. So at such moments, couples have two options:

  • divorce – after all, prolonged boredom will lead to irritation, and irritation to quarrels and scandals;
  • innovation – something that you have definitely not yet tried in bed, in this case, we are talking about sex toys for two.

How to overcome shyness?

We live in a very conservative society, where everyone is afraid that he will be seen, heard, “caught” by an acquaintance and just on the threshold of a sex shop.

People are still afraid of this, because it is difficult to fight the stereotype that says that only perverts use leather underwear, whips and handcuffs.

Your interest in sex toys for couples has a natural, normal origin. And if you are afraid to personally go to a sex shop, place an order via the Internet.

What to buy?

Another difficult and logical question if you have never used such things before. The husband is tired of your housecoat, curlers and not the most sexy lingerie. Start by pleasing him with a special exciting corset, stockings, panties with a slit in front. Let this be your first family sex, though not with toys, but in specialized “outfit”.

sex toys for couples

If your husband accepted your innovation with a bang, deepen into the subject: get costumes for role-playing games. Yes, you are not an actress, but you are quite capable of playing a nurse when you are heated by natural excitement.

Well, then sex toys do not know the limit: a human life is not enough to experience all possible butt plugs, panty attachments, sex swings, suitcases, vibrating vaginas, lubricants, dildos, and even special soft toys for adults.

Sexologists firmly believe that all this is a very sure way to save and protect most of the couples from divorce during the period of cooling of feelings. Therefore, we recommend sex toys for couples as a normal, adult means of entertainment. And learn to think of it not as a fall and a shameful act, but as the behavior of an adult with a naturally developed sense of curiosity. Have you tried sex toys? Until your answer is yes, you have no moral right to condemn those who enjoy using them.