sex toys for men

sex toys for men

It is more than likely that the so-called legend of the presence of sex toys in ancient Egypt (2.5 thousand years ago) is pure truth. As for their emergence on the territory of modern Europe, historians believe that the first vibrators were used by British doctors of the Victorian era, who treated hysterical women with masturbation.

But the most famous sex toy was created for men. At one time (and the fact has already been confirmed today), Hitler ordered rubber women for soldiers from a Danish doctor. Moreover, the Fuhrer even described how the ideal “rubber Zina” should look like, and, of course, she had the appearance of an Aryan. According to Hitler, she was supposed to make life easier for soldiers who were dying like flies from syphilis and not the healthiest prostitutes.

Modern sex toys

But manufacturers have gone much further than rubber dolls. Today’s male sex toys are much more practical. Why would you want a whole doll when you can get a battery powered vibrating vagina?

Modern sexual toys for men are created with such high quality and realistic that women sometimes even get goosebumps – do they need a woman, if you can buy her whole and disassembled in a sex shop, she doesn’t have a “headache”, she can be folded into suitcase …

Being optimists by nature, we assure you: men and women will always gravitate towards each other, because in addition to physiology and the appropriate size of the genitals, there is also energy attraction, love, admiration, romance. And let sex toys serve both sexes for the good – they will dispel the routine in the box, and help your partner when you once again have a “female migraine”.

A man for pleasant leisure

Since we mentioned the use of sex toys during Hitler’s time, let’s take an example of the improved torso of the Fuhrer dolls. Today in sex shops you can buy a full-size female torso, consisting of shoulders, chest (size 5), abdomen. The bust is made of cyberskin, and as a gift you will receive a DVD, lubricant, and a “detergent” for the doll – a disinfectant. A good gift for a partner who prefers to masturbate while watching pornography.

Another part of the body of the soldier’s doll is the head of a girl with an attractive appearance and a working mouth. The best sex toy for men whose partners refuse them oral sex. And for women – a reason to think: is it worth depriving such a sweet pleasure?

And for men who are always dissatisfied with their sexual parameters, we offer a prostate stimulator. The so-called toy works on several speed programs and is turned on using the remote control.

homemade sex toys

There are times when fantasy comes into play, giving rise to homemade sex toys for men. At the same time, women observe the disappearance of a curious row of objects in the kitchen…

To make a male sex toy, you will need a bottle, several sponges for washing dishes, bubble wrap (in which breakable objects are wrapped), adhesive tape, and scissors. We cut off the neck from the bottle, so that there are no sharp corners on the cut. Sponges are wrapped in a film and fixed with tape. Make two sets of sponges. We put them in a bottle and get a bubbly, soft hole between the lips, which most men are happy to use for their intended purpose.

Is there a gender difference?

By the way, about the sexual division in relation to sex toys. Women in this matter are more conservative and for the most part still prefer natural sex. The reason is that for women, sex is a psychological release, which is super necessary with the volatility of the female psyche. But for men, the romantic side of the issue is less important, and much more often they just need to rudely, without pathos, satisfy their physiological needs. And one more “pro” in favor of sex equipment: men, being complexers, are much more relaxed in bed with women for whom they do not have feelings. Therefore, among men, the services of prostitutes and sex toys are so common.