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Such a simulator allows you to control the force of muscle contraction – from the widest section to the narrowest area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe toy. It’s handcrafted from borosilicate glass (fear not, it’s ultra-strong, durable and practical). The fine-tip head makes insertion comfortable.
A less familiar form, but also very effective and allowing you to diversify your workouts, here is such a simulator. For training, it must be inserted into the vagina and compress the muscles according to a set of Kegel exercises. The presence of female simulators is like stretching with weights, it allows you to achieve great results in the shortest possible time.

Women’s Kegel trainer, Aneros Evi

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The massager is made of high quality medical silicone. It has a special shape that allows you to not only train the muscles of the vagina, but also additionally stimulates the clitoris and G-spot, which makes your training with the simulator even more enjoyable.

As we wrote earlier, one of the ways to train the vaginal muscles is to work with vaginal balls – this device was used by the geisha of the Japanese emperors. Inside the balloon itself is another one, smaller and heavier – it moves with your movements and makes the balloon more difficult to hold. For the very first workouts, it is best to choose balls on the hitch so that you can easily remove them. We recommend taking kits like these.


Miniature vaginal balls with optimal weight selection system, Lelo Luna Beads Mini

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They are good because the balls in the hitch can be gradually replaced, moving from light to heavier, gradually increasing the load. Invisible to strangers, these balls stimulate involuntary muscle contractions and relaxations in accordance with your movements.


But we live in the 21st century, and it would be strange if such a necessary thing as an intimate muscle simulator did not receive its development in mobile technologies. For the laziest, but IT-savvy, there are vaginal balls controlled using an application on a smartphone.


Smartphone Controlled Vaginal Balls Fun Toys Gballs2 App

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In the application, training programs are sewn up – they will tell you how much to do today and what exercises to do. The balls vibrate, creating an additional load.

Myostimulation is another way to tone your pelvic floor muscles. A small current pulse causes the muscles to contract, “pumping” it. For example, here is such a vibrator with the function of myostimulation.

Vibrator Mystim Tickling Truman E-Stim Vibe

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This is a vibrator and pulse current generator equipped with three functions: vibration, pulsation and tingling. The device is capable of performing eight work programs, five current supply options and a training program for the pelvic floor. The toy is completely waterproof. It runs on a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. One charge is enough for three hours of continuous operation. Supplied in a handy case with charger and instruction manual.


Gel for training intimate muscles of women Bioritm Intim Fitness

Gel for training intimate muscles


It is important to remember that toys cannot be used without lubrication. This also applies to simulators for intimate muscles. There is a special lubricant for training vaginal muscles – it helps the muscles contract, activates blood circulation, and increases the sensitivity of the intimate area.

Toy cleaner, Desire

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Another important aspect is the care of toys. To clean toys, use a special tool. It should thoroughly disinfect the surface without damaging the machine itself.

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