If you want – do it!

In fact, it all depends on the feelings and your personal desire. If you want – then agree or offer. But if it looks like a concession to his pressure – no need.


Experts believe that testing compatibility in bed can show whether it is worth developing a relationship. But it’s equally important to think about your relationship with one-night stands: it happens, even when you both seem to be completely satisfied and want to meet again.

Sex on the first date can improve self-esteem (in a sexual sense), help you cope with fears and get new sensations. But – only if you yourself want it!

There is an opinion that sex when meeting puts an end to relationships. This is absolutely not true! In fact, it practically does not affect anything.

Women’s opinions

  1. “I had sex on the first date, now we are married. With the spread of dating applications, this topic has ceased to be a taboo. It was in my practice that I, as an honest girl, waited a couple of months, and the guy disappeared into the air immediately after sex. Therefore, I believe that you need to do as you yourself want, ”- Christina, 29 years old.
  2. “I used to have a bad attitude towards this idea, thinking that it sets the tone for all relationships and makes them non-committal. Now I understand that if he does not consider you solely as a sex doll, everything is possible with mutual consent,” Elena, 24 years old.
  3. “There should be no pressure on his part, no coercion. Then sex upon meeting would be a great idea,” Olga, 27 years old.


Safety First

Safe sex is the right choice, and even more so on the first date. It is unlikely that someone will come to him with fresh tests, so a condom is required. If a man refuses or inclines you into an insecure relationship, this is not what you need.

Remember that alcohol before sex on a first date can backfire. Therefore, it is better not to lean.

In a word, sex is always a choice of two, so listen to your heart and intuition and act as you see fit.