1. Wearing too much makeup

Men love women who look natural, not like dolls made up.


2. Schedule sex

Phrases like “after yoga, I’m all yours” make sex predictable – and no longer so interesting.

3. Turn off the lights

Men need to see as much as possible, and especially during sex.

4. Scratching his back

What seems passionate in the movies is not at all very pleasant in real life.

5. Fake an orgasm

Yes, getting an orgasm is not easy, but let him try hard!

6. Don’t wear panties

Sometimes this trick can be used in the mood, but obviously not every day.

7. Get drunk

Women and copious libations are compatible only in advertising strong alcohol.

8. Seem helpless

Fact: Smart women seem sexier to men.

9. Command

You can only tell him how to handle your body.

10. Having sex on the first date

Surrendering to him on the very first joint evening means that he will be your last.