Whether sex can replace sports, if you count the number of calories burned, is a moot point. Scientists were puzzled by this question back in the 80s of the last century, and this is what they came up with.

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Sex instead of sports: is it possible to lose weight like that?

Scientists from the University of Minnesota in 1984 were the first to think about the question of what burns energy more: sex or sports, and whether one can be replaced by another. They selected ten men and for a month measured certain indicators of the body immediately after their intimacy with women. The average result showed that about 21 kilocalories are consumed for a six-minute sexual intercourse. Approximately the same amount burns at very low physical exertion. Scientists have come to the conclusion that those who want to lose weight or keep themselves in shape are better off signing up for a gym.


Thirty years later, the experiment was repeated by scientists from the Canadian University. They approached the issue more seriously: they measured the performance of both men and women. And they did it with the help of special gadgets similar to modern fitness bracelets.

After analyzing all the data, scientists found that one sexual intercourse, including foreplay, intimacy itself and the time after it, burns an average of 80 kilocalories. When compared with exercises on a treadmill, the result is twice as bad. Therefore, the conclusions have not changed.

However, it is worth adding to the burned calories that sexual arousal and sexual contact provoke the release of the so-called love hormone. Scientifically, oxytocin. It has been proven that it reaches its maximum values ​​in the human body at the moment of orgasm and immediately after it. One of the side effects of the hormone is that it significantly reduces calorie intake and improves metabolism. If we add to these “post-sexual” effects a reduced risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and a high chance of living longer, then the benefits of intimate contact are undoubtedly proven. And in this regard, they definitely do not lose to sports.



The correct position in sex instead of training

Although sex cannot directly replace sports training, however, if you choose the right position, you can pump up your muscles well. We have collected ten of the most effective poses for strengthening the muscles of both partners.

“Bridge to Paradise”

sex instead of sports

The bridge, like many yoga poses, always looks erotic. Enjoy it! Lie on your back, bend your knees and place them shoulder-width apart. Stand in the bridge and let your partner caress you with fingers and a vibrator.


This posture will help strengthen the muscles of the back, straighten your posture, develop flexibility and improve blood circulation in the tissues surrounding the vertebral discs.


sex instead of sports


Let the partner lie on his back with a couple of pillows under him. Get on all fours so that your partner’s head is between your legs, then lower your upper body and lean on your elbows.


In this pose, muscle groups of the abdomen, back, buttocks, and thighs are trained, which create support for all limbs.


sex instead of sports

He lies on his back and spreads his legs, you sit on top. Then take back and straighten your right leg, and leave the left in place (or vice versa).

In addition to excellent stimulation of the clitoris, leg muscles are well trained.



sex instead of sports

Modification of the doggy position, when you transfer your body weight to your elbows. Try to keep your back straight, as in a plank, and you will feel the tension in your muscles.


In this way, the stabilizing muscles of the back and the abdominal muscle group can be strengthened.

“Hot chair”

sex instead of sports


To turn the cowgirl pose into a real workout, do not lean on your hands and do not sit on your partner completely. It is not easy to do squats in this position, but if you master it, you can not go to the gym for a couple of days!

It will help strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.

Officer position

Lie on your back, and throw your legs on the shoulders of your partner, like shoulder straps – hence the name of the pose. The man rises slightly on his knees, lifts your hips and begins to move, holding them in weight.

In this position, you can work out the muscles: the arms and hips of the partner, and you have the press and buttocks.

Doggy style on weight

Get down on your knees, rest your elbows on a low bed or chair (best if the surface is firm and elastic). The partner comes up from behind, takes you by the ankles and, without unbending your legs, lifts you to the level of his hips. Since the initiative is entirely with the man, he himself chooses at what angle, at what speed and at what depth to enter.


The partner trains biceps, triceps, muscles of the buttocks and legs. Your arms, abs and back muscles are actively working.


Become facing each other. The man lifts you up, holding you by the back, you wrap your legs around his waist.

In this position, the main load falls on the man: he holds the weight of both, he has to strain the press, buttocks, and arms.


reverse cowgirl

He lays down on the bed with his feet on the floor. And you sit on top with your back to your partner’s face. This time you have the leading role: it is you who determine the speed and depth of entry.

During such sex, the press and muscles of the front surface of the thighs are actively working.

Pose of prince and princess

You and he kneel, hug each other by the shoulders and in this position start making love. It is better to change legs from time to time to balance the load.


In this position, the muscles of the front surface of the thighs, buttocks and abs are well involved.

Sex instead of sports: it is important to know when to stop

Any occupation brings results only if it is practiced regularly. Neither sex nor sports will give a visible result if you do them from time to time and in any way. Therefore, it is not so important what you choose for weight loss and keeping fit: active sports or sex in the poses that we have described. The main thing here is to build a clear schedule and stick to it.

To achieve a positive result, sex or sports training should be three to four times a week. You can change to alternate, but you should not reduce the amount. This approach stabilizes the metabolism in the body, helps to establish a regular release of the necessary hormones into the blood, prevents the development of diseases, and of course, promotes weight loss.

Photo: Shutterstock, Lucy Macaroni