If you and your partner have already used erection rings, then we suggest trying the next level of sex gadgets. This sexy gift for a man is a complete device for couples. You can control the vibration on your partner’s penis, while the remote control vibrating synchronously will tell you what sensations he is experiencing. Or put down the remote control and enjoy the vibration of the ring together with your partner, while the gadget head will provide you with unsurpassed stimulation. Two SenseMotion modes and six additional pre-programmed vibration modes allow you to experience a new, unique feeling from using the massager every time.

Unique masturbator for single use. Inside each testicle is a silicone toy with an embossed pattern. The original design of the masturbator makes it easy to take it with you on trips: no one will guess what it is. Do not rush to shout: “He does not need it, he has me!” Such masturbators are good for advanced manual techniques, for example, when you want to give him special pleasure without having an excess of strength. The sensations will not be unlike either oral or vaginal sex; at the same time, we recommend blindfolding a man and tying his hands – and complete delight from this sexual gift is guaranteed.

Bondage play is one of the most common male fantasies; it doesn’t matter which partner is tied up. If you have already determined which of you will be assigned the role of binder, which – bound – it’s time to act! Otherwise, this area of ​​​​intimate relationships may pass by. If a man has a fine, special mental organization, you should choose a means for a bandage that is elegant, beautiful and does not look like this bandage itself. Like Shots Toys Tie Me Up, this silky smooth tie band is perfect for BDSM role play. The tape makes it possible to fix the arms or legs in any position, limiting the partner’s movements. In addition, this will create the possibility of emotional anchoring: after a couple of games with this tape, a man will be excited at the sight of a tie and mentally return to you. Great sexy gift for my husband!

Continuing the theme of bindings. In addition to the bandage, to create a full-fledged romantic gaming atmosphere, you will need a whole bunch of things: candles, a mask, a vibrator, etc. We offer to give a man a turnkey evening set, which contains all of the above, plus bandages for arms and legs (there is just no bottle of wine). What is good about this set? You can give the man the opportunity to decide when he will use the gift – not necessarily today, maybe even unexpected for you.

For sophisticated yet passionate natures, the Canadian brand Shunga offers an edible cream and with it a little erotic madness in your evening. First, caressing movements, apply the cream on each other’s body, and then slowly lick, enjoying every second. If you and your half have not yet moved on to sexual relations, but you would like to, then such a sexy gift for a guy will serve as an elegant, but very clear hint that he cannot ignore.