Sex education

There are quite a few requirements for a modern woman. In addition to the fact that she must be a skilled keeper of the hearth, successful in work and building a career, she also needs to be able to show herself in bed as a skillful lover. Girls start teaching sex quite early, many take their cue from glossy publications and television, where they tirelessly say that being a teapot in the subject of love art is unforgivable.

Where to learn sex?

But how to learn sex, if there is no one to get practical experience with – do not jump into bed because of this with a person with dubious decency? Unfortunately, many girls do just that, but in vain. After all, it is important that the first experience be positive, and without falling in love, without reciprocal feelings, it is difficult for a woman to relax, open up, and, moreover, get an orgasm. It is much safer for health and morally easier to learn the techniques of sex thoroughly in theory, and then move on to practice.

How difficult life was for our mothers and grandmothers: there used to be a huge lack of information about sex. However, at that time modesty was in vogue, and, according to the older generation, “girls got married.” And the question of teaching sex was raised only by “girls of easy virtue.” Now, being savvy and erudite in matters of intimacy is not a problem. Now original articles are posted on thematic sites, trainings are held in large cities, there are special forums where they will tell you in a popular way what can be done in sex and what is categorically undesirable. Educational videos are produced on this topic. A lot of books and magazines appeared on the shelves of bookstores for different tastes and wallets with colorful, bright headlines, where sex advice is given by everyone, from experienced sexologists to show business stars. After reading a couple of such Talmuds, any woman will know what to do in sex in order to get an unprecedented orgasm. The main postulates: do not be complex and not be modest, take the initiative, do not lie like a pretty log and do not joke during such a responsible business. In the end, you can resort to the advice of your friends, because each of them probably has a couple of “chips” and tricks.

Learning to have sex on our own

Before teaching sex with a reliable partner, it’s not bad, in addition to owning theory, to also explore your body and find erogenous zones, understand the nature of your desires. After all, the pleasure of sex depends not only on the experience of the lover and the change of positions. The degree of emancipation of a woman, the ability to achieve an orgasm herself contribute to good sex with a partner.

Without practice, it is quite difficult to understand which sex is better – all people are different, and preferences also differ. If in an erotic film you saw that sex in the sea or in a standing position by a tree gives incredible pleasure, then in real life sand getting into all secluded places, small crustaceans in the sea, ants crawling on your legs during sex full of passion is not at all promote pleasure. Only by joint efforts will you be able to understand what kind, position, place for sex from a huge variety is acceptable and pleasant. Just do not stop at the same thing: what you did not like in the summer will not necessarily seem the same in the winter.

How to do oral sex, any man will tell you. From the main recommendations, you need to know that the sensitive area is located near the frenulum of the penis, along the penis below, as well as in the testicles and perineum. Remembering these recommendations and using them during sex, you can give pleasure even without a lot of experience. Ask your partner what exactly he likes the most, fantasize, and then you will discover new facets of pleasure for him.

Pros of sex

The answer to the question why people have sex is quite obvious:

  • weight is reduced, muscles are strengthened, skin condition improves;
  • improves the health of the genitals;
  • the risk of cardiovascular diseases decreases;
  • mood improves, as sex serves as an excellent antidepressant;
  • immunity increases, resistance to infectious diseases increases;
  • teaching sex

  • pain decreases, headache and toothache subside;
  • life expectancy increases.

People have sex to show their feelings, tenderness, affection, to feel desired, attractive and loved. Good sex strengthens the relationship between two people in love.

Can sex be harmful?

Let’s look at this question from the other side and find out if sex is harmful. Of course, there are certain circumstances when it is not worth doing it or you need to do it with caution. If it turned out that there is nothing to protect yourself, do not take risks – a short time of pleasure is not tantamount to fears and worries about unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. It happens that during pregnancy, with a doctor’s warning, it is worth showing restraint. If you are confident in your partner and there are no obstacles, then why not give each other pleasure and increase life expectancy?