Katerina Bibisheva, trainer and creator of the Vagimagia intimate gymnastics school, told how to return to sexual life after the birth of a child.


Rule 1: Time

Wait until your doctor allows you to have sex. Usually, 2 months after giving birth, most women return to a full-fledged intimate life.

Sometimes, under the influence of one’s own feelings or persuasion from the partner, it is difficult to withstand these time frames. Remember that premature sex can lead to the development of inflammatory diseases. Childbirth is a strong load on the muscles of the pelvic floor, and even if you gave birth without tears and episiotomy, microdamages may remain in the vaginal canal.

Rule 2: Relax

Your body needs time to recover. This will happen most quickly if you love him. Let your partner touch you and don’t rush to have sex right away.


Rule 3: Lubrication

After childbirth, the concentration of estrogen in the blood drops sharply, and this becomes not only the cause of postpartum depression, but also the cause of dryness in the vaginal canal. Therefore, if you care about your sex life, then stock up on a hypoallergenic water-based lubricant in advance so as not to harm the microflora in the vaginal canal.

Rule 4: Condoms

Without them, you should not have sex after childbirth. In addition to preventing unplanned pregnancy, a condom will protect you from infections. Yes, it may cause resentment in your partner, but in the 21st century, people have learned how to make ultra-thin condoms that will give you a 100% natural feeling.


Rule 5: Rebuild Muscles

The thought that “everything is so wide and not the same as it was before” with you there will not return you the feeling that you are a sexual goddess.

By the way, the vaginal canal itself, if we compare it before pregnancy and 2 months after childbirth, changes by only a few millimeters. What really suffers is the muscles that surround the vaginal canal. It is they who give the feeling of a “strong girth of the penis.” Fortunately, their condition can not only be returned, but even improved by doing intimate gymnastics. Strong and elastic pelvic floor muscles will not only please your partner, but will also help you feel more confident and sexy.