Residents of the United States, Spain, France, Great Britain, Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan took part in the survey. A thousand people participated from each country, only there were twice as many Englishmen.

So, most importantly: 74% of those surveyed consider masturbation to be therapy or a way to take care of themselves. Some of them put it above the traditionally beneficial things for relaxation like sleep, music, massage or meditation.

When asked if people had to do this, 93% of Spaniards, 91% of British, 89% of Germans, 84% of Americans, 82% of French, 80% of Taiwanese, 76% of Koreans and Japanese, 73% of Chinese answered in the affirmative.

The main reasons why people do this are:

Other reasons include getting rid of fatigue, getting used to your body, the desire to fall asleep faster, the absence of a partner or unwillingness to have sex with him. At the same time, more than 80% of respondents noted that masturbation improves mood and health, relieves stress and improves the quality of sex.

Interestingly, 33% of women consider self-satisfaction more enjoyable than sex, and 21% of men agree with them. During this act, both sexes equally often present current and former partners, as well as famous people and explicit scenes from films.

More than 85% of survey participants said they do not discuss masturbation with partners, mainly because they consider it their own business.