Perhaps this is one of the most popular role-playing games: a patient and a kind (or not very kind – whoever is lucky) sister. The main thing here is not to overdo it. Think of a plan of action in advance and follow it until a wave of passion covers both of you.

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

A bit about role playing

Role-playing games are a great way to dilute the sexual “everyday life” and bring something new to bed. It doesn’t matter whose image you want to try on: Cleopatra, a high school teacher or a sexy nurse, if you wish, you can portray anyone, even the full composition of the Golden Ring.


Why are role-playing games good for foreplay? Firstly, this is an opportunity to realize your fantasies without cheating on anyone and “without leaving the cash register”. Wanted to have sex with the vampire Lestat? If your boyfriend agrees that Tom Cruise is sexy in Interview with the Vampire, he can easily portray him to you. Not the first time, maybe. Secondly, you both make an effort to ensure that sex is great, and this already has a beneficial effect on the atmosphere. That is, even the role-playing game itself will be far from what was intended at first, the more you are both interested in bringing something new to your sex, the better you will succeed. Thirdly, role-playing games are always a big revelation. This is a situation where both partners are afraid to seem ridiculous or stupid, but once you get involved, you can’t stop.



One important note: RPGs require preparation. Not in the sense that if you decide to appear before him in the image of Lara Croft, you need to do a hundred push-ups every day, but you need to take care of the atmosphere, costumes and devices in advance, especially when it comes to role-playing a nurse and a patient.


Tom Cruise and other stars who met on the set

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman first met in 1990 on the set of Days of Thunder. Nicole thought that she would not be cast, because she was much taller than the main character, played by Tom Cruise. However, the difference in height did not bother either the actor or director Tony Scott. Soon, passion flared up between Nicole and Tom. Cruz divorced his wife, Mimi Rogers, and married Kidman in 1990. In marriage, Kidman experienced an ectopic pregnancy, after which the couple adopted a daughter, Isabella, and then adopted Connor. The film Eyes Wide Shut was the beginning of the end for the couple. Filming was difficult for them, and in 2001 the actors decided to divorce.

doctor game

Being the patient of a sexy doctor or nurse is a very common fantasy for both men and women. The “patient” plays a dependent, submissive role, he gives control over his actions to his partner, while he himself relaxes and gets tickling pleasure.


“Tickling” – because many medical manipulations are associated with painful sensations, and even if there is no real pain in your game, the “patient” will tense up in anticipation of discomfort. And this tension will play the role of an additional stimulant.

What things will you need


  • Gloves. They cost a penny in any pharmacy, but they are put on with such a sound that, be sure, he will shudder. The touch of latex on the skin, the smell of talcum powder and a dry, pleasant rustle… We recommend short nails if you decide to have a rectal examination.
  • Robe. A necessary item for nurse role play. It costs less than 400 rubles, but, consider it, a ready-made image. To play it, you can put it on a naked body, or leave stockings (preferably white) and snow-white underwear under it.
  • Mask. The hidden face adds to the atmosphere and makes you feel like a different person.
  • Shoe covers. If you decide to play hardcore Soviet clinic, do not forget to remind the patient in a stern voice to put on shoe covers and not “spread the dirt here”.




What items you may need for a sexual game of nurse and patient depends on what kind of doctor you are portraying: whether you appear as a strict therapist, gentle dentist, lore, or even a flirtatious nurse.

  • A thermometer (preferably electronic) to measure the temperature. By the way, the most accurate temperature is measured rectally.
  • Massage cream or oil. If you want to do a “deep” massage, it is better to use a special lubricant. For a back massage, both massage oil and regular hand cream are suitable.
  • Bandages if you’re pretending to be a traumatologist. Remember school life lessons.
  • Medical hammer for testing reflexes.
  • Stethoscope to listen to the heart.
  • Wooden spatula (can be replaced with a regular spoon) to examine the patient’s throat.


Of the special devices that can be found in sex shops, you can buy the Wartenberg wheel – a massage needle wheel for electrical stimulation.

Scenarios for playing nurse and patient

You can come up with any plots for a sex game for two in a nurse and a patient that you like, and we give these just for example.


A patient or a patient comes in for an examination and complains about… almost everything: head, joints ache, and here’s another throat and “Khe-khe, do you hear me coughing, doctor?” The doctor or nurse calms the unfortunate by conducting the most thorough examination of the restless patient: he measures his temperature and pressure, checks his throat, and finally decides to prescribe him a proven “medicine” that will cure any ailment.



Medical checkup

“Sick” absolutely naked lies under the sheet in anticipation of a routine examination. Before going around, take a couple of ascorbs to complement the atmosphere and drop them near the bed. Raise slowly, turning your back to the patient, naturally not sitting down, but bending down. After that, put a vitamin in the patient’s mouth, take off the sheet and, seeing his dignity aspiring to the stars, rounded his eyes, portraying maximum embarrassment and slight interest. Then all you have to do is relieve the patient’s tension in a well-known and very pleasant way.

military registration and enlistment office

The young recruit wants to “get off” from the army (or vice versa, is eager to serve), but before that he is waiting for a medical examination. Having discussed the development of events in advance, sit down at the table and invite the patient with the usual cry: “Next!”. This time, the scenario of the role-playing game can be varied. Play the depraved youngster who sticks to you. Or vice versa, portray an impudent nurse blackmailing a modest young man. In general, development is limited only by your general imagination.



Who will help you relax and unwind after a busy week, if not a handsome massage therapist with strong hands? He already knows well what to do so that you do not forget this massage for a long time.

How to bring the game about a nurse and a patient to the ideal

  1. You should discuss in advance what kind of atmosphere will be in your sex clinic and what kind of doctor should be in it. Believe me, it’s very embarrassing if your partner is waiting for a ward with VIP service, and you pretend to be a doctor from the district clinic who asks in a nasty voice: “What are we complaining about, patient?”
  2. Choose a medical specialty. Maybe you decide that it will not be a therapist, but, say, a cosmetologist, an ENT specialist or a neurologist.
  3. Discuss what kind of manipulation your partner wants to receive, what exactly he wants to be done with him.

Realize role-playing scenarios when the soul and body longs for wild sensations, madness or heavenly pleasure. You may both feel awkward and embarrassed at first, but this will pass. And the scattering of stars that you will see during an orgasm will definitely light up.