Modern realists are toys as close as possible to natural “originals”. They are flexible, quickly accepting body temperature, and do not emit a nauseating rubber smell. Most of the big brands now make these dildos out of UR3, an advanced realistic material. The material is extremely soft to the touch and creates a real feeling on contact. Does not deteriorate over time, does not become sticky, has a pleasant smell, elastic to the touch. If an intimate product involves a hairline, then each hair is inserted manually, which allows you to avoid similarities with baby dolls and mannequins, and create a real image of naked body parts. Each cast is also painted by hand. Each realist product remains unique even within the same series.


We will not tell you about unrealistically large dildos or ordinary dildos. Let’s talk about something you probably don’t know.

They know how to vibrate

Yes, dildos are no longer just pieces of material. They vibrate, spin, pulsate and generally imitate a partner in every possible way.

Realistic Toyfa Vibrator


For example, this dildo is controlled by a battery operated remote control. He has 7 modes, and, as practice shows, this is quite enough.

They mimic ejaculation

Yes, for many girls sex is not sex without a logical conclusion and from the side of the partner too. For these cases, realists have been invented that simulate the ejection of sperm. They work like this: water is poured into a special removable tank, then the container is installed back. At the right moment, you can squeeze the pear at the base of the simulator, and “ejaculation” will occur.


Realistic Dildo with Ejaculation Effect Pipedream Squirting Cock with Balls


A nice option from a classic brand – inexpensive, high-quality, easy to use and, well, very realistic.

They copy the virtues of pornstars

For those who want to feel like they are in their favorite movie (for adults, of course), the sex industry produces copies of the members of famous porn stars. Reproduced one to one, they allow you to make sure that the dignity of the actor is really great (well, or so-so). Well, try it, of course.

Realistic vibrator replica of Doc Johnson James Deen’s penis


For example, this replica of the James Dean dignity has 3 different vibration speeds, and in addition, it can be used in the shower or bath.


You can make your own realistic

Met a man with a perfect penis? Make a blind of him. Well, just in case. It will be possible to insert a vibrating element and make a vibrating realistic – exclusive and the most suitable according to your standards. For this, kits similar to kits for children’s creativity are sold.

Sculptor’s kit for creating a vibrator-copy of the phallus, Cloneboy


This kit allows you to create a vibrator in a few easy steps. Unlike other cheaper kits, this CloneBoy contains two packs of 3D gel: you will always have a second chance to create the perfect penis mold. Another advantage of CloneBoy is that it does not contain plaster, which can cause inflammation of the skin.