Proper anal sex

proper anal sex

Anal sex is a favorite form of lovemaking in Latin America. Do you think they are perverts? This is not true. The reason is very trivial: the inhabitants of South American countries live according to Catholic canons. Almost all countries have banned abortion. Therefore, as practical and loving people, they choose sex, as a result of which you will not acquire offspring. Why don’t we look at anal caresses in a new way?


Let’s talk about proper anal sex with an emphasis on those women who in this type of sexual intercourse are a kind of “virgin”.

It should be noted right away that when choosing anal sex, a lot depends on the man, on whether he will be able to prepare his partner for this.

The most important thing is proper preparation for anal sex. Moreover, it does not consist in the partner’s offer to “do it”, but in the real prelude, which should be especially long, since we are talking about the anal “virgin”.

To begin with, a man should slowly and gently stroke the female buttocks and observe her reaction. The anus, like the vagina, can be more or less sensitive in different women. If a woman rolls over on her stomach and relaxes her buttocks, this is a good sign.

Next are the fingers. Before you enter the anus with your finger (for starters, just your finger), you need to lubricate it with a lubricant or natural lubricant from the vagina. You can’t enter it right away. A man must first walk along the folds – the rim of the anus.

Further, according to all the rules of anal sex technique, an already excited woman contracts her sphincter muscle to push her finger inside. Inside, they do not need to be driven forward – backward, as in a vagina, let a man rotate his brush, and an unusual feeling of fullness overwhelms you.

The anus is good because it has a huge number of nerve endings. So, with the right approach, you can easily bring your partner to orgasm. For the first time, caresses with the little finger are enough, then go to the index finger and only then to the penis.