“I’ve heard about so-called footgasms before, but I always thought that people with fetishes more interesting than mine can get an orgasm from foot massage. I did not expect this to happen to me, because the legs are not an erogenous zone at all!

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In 2015, I spent a month in Bali doing surfing and yoga. Every day I passed by the sign “Massage” and one of the last days I decided to go there.


The masseur, a short Balinese man, wore long shorts and a polo shirt a couple of sizes too big. I explained with gestures what I wanted, pointing to my feet and drawing a squiggle in the air. He invited me inside and introduced me to his wife. She said that he did not know English, but really a reflexologist.

We went to the massage table, I took off my shoes and lay face down on it. It hurt a little, and the massage therapist’s wife laughed that I was too tender.

Ten minutes later, I finally relaxed. And suddenly I felt pleasure flowing through my body! The Balinese at that moment pressed some point on the foot. Despite the suddenness of the feeling, I didn’t make a sound.

Then he pressed another point, and I realized that I was close to orgasm!

Then he pressed another point, and I realized that I was close to orgasm! Quite a bit of time passed, he still conjured – and an orgasm came. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. My body shuddered involuntarily, I felt terribly ashamed, but nothing could be done.


20 seconds later, he moved to other points and gave nothing away that he understood my condition. And I tried to come to my senses and realize that I had received a non-sexual uncontrollable and completely sudden orgasm.

When it was all over, I gathered my will into a fist, paid and went out into the street. Then I sat for a long time on the beach surrounded by yoga classmates and told them about this experience. Everyone was very surprised, and none of them had such experience. But everyone wanted!

Later I found out that there really are points on the legs that cause contraction of the intimate muscles. I don’t know if it was the skill of the massage therapist or my personal reaction to the procedure, but, unfortunately, I didn’t manage to repeat this feeling elsewhere.”