Poses for oral sex

positions for oral sex

In order to achieve harmony in sexual relations, lovers need to constantly improve in sexual techniques, not be afraid of experiments, be open to each other, not forgetting to share their most secret desires.

In oral sex, each couple should have their own favorite position. After all, the more you trust your partner, the more likely it is that each time you make love, both of you will achieve more pleasure than before.

Poses for oral sex are distinguished by their diversity and piquancy. After all, there are a couple of positions that will become a favorite among those who are crazy about sex outside their bedroom.

The best positions for oral sex

As you know, oral sex is divided into two types, which depend on who is given pleasure: a man (blowjob) or a woman (cunnilingus). So, the choice of poses depends mainly on the preferences of lovers. But it will not be superfluous to note that the main thing in sex is not technique, but the feelings that partners experience in relation to each other.

Blowjob positions

Oral sex for a man will bring great pleasure and novelty of sensations when you master a couple of new postures below.

  1. “Classic”. The man is standing. The woman kneels before him. Hands can caress his scrotum, penis. The partner controls the pace.
  2. classical

  3. “A hammer”. The pose is similar to the previous one, but only the woman is placed between the male legs. The advantage of this position is that the partner can caress not only the penis, but also the scrotum with the perineum and anus.
  4. hammer blowjob

  5. “Sitting.” The partner sits on the edge of the bed or sofa, relaxed. His beloved kneels before him. The “Sitting” position is convenient for a woman in that all the charms of her lover open before her, and she herself can control the depth of the penis capture.
  6. sitting

  7. “Vice versa”. Oral sex will bring you special pleasure when you practice in an acrobatic position. The man lies on his back on the floor, putting his feet on the legs of his partner, who is sitting on the edge of the sofa. In this position, male movements are limited, and the scrotum and penis are at the disposal of the female.
  8. reverse blowjob

  9. “Nurse”. The pose is well suited for those who practice role-playing games. The man is relaxed on the couch. At the disposal of the partner – caressing the lips and tongue of all male charms.
  10. nurse

Positions for cunnilingus

A woman will enjoy even in the most ordinary position, lying on her back, but you can experiment with different positions in which a partner can get new sensations.

  1. "Classic". Everyone's favorite pose. The woman lies on her back with her legs pulled up, bent and spread in front of her partner's head, who lies on his stomach in front of her.
  2. classical

  3. "Scarf". The partner lies on her back. Her legs are on her partner's shoulders and in a crossed position. It is advisable to place a pillow under the back. The partner between the legs of the woman stimulates the clitoris with the help of hands and tongue.
  4. scarf

  5. "Ecstasy". The couple is placed in a dog-style position. The butt of the partner can be slightly moved down so that the male neck does not strain. "Ecstasy" is also very convenient if the couple practices rimming (stimulating the anus with the help of the tongue).
  6. ecstasy

  7. "Gorge". Oral sex with his wife will bring her great pleasure if she lies on her back with her legs up, as in the Birch exercise. The partner should kneel, stimulating the clitoris with the tongue or finger. In order for his beloved not to lose balance, he needs to support her by the buttocks.


Oral sex in the 69 position

  1. "Classic". The man lies on his back, and his partner is a jack on top of him. Partners can simultaneously control the depth of penetration.
  2. 69

  3. "Vice versa". Oral sex in the 69 position will bring an unforgettable experience if you diversify it with this position. The lady of the heart lies on her back, and the man is now located on her. The advantage is that the man has more freedom of movement.

vice versa 69

You can achieve harmony in intimate relationships by improving your skills.