1. Piano

Advice: “Lightly drum your fingers along the shaft of the penis, moving up and down, as if playing the piano with one hand. This will help the cavernous bodies to fill with blood – and the erection will be hard.


It doesn’t matter if you studied at a music school, you should succeed. But will your man like it? The author of VOICE tried it, and this is what happened:

“I have never played the piano, but I always wanted to try. True, there were no notes for playing the penis in the music store, and I had to improvise.

Making music is an exciting and exciting process that cannot be compared to anything else. At first I tried to be gentle and sang Für Elise, but my partner protested, “What is this, Reiki? Come on, stop it.” And then I switched to jazz and pushed such a jam – it’s a pity that not a single note was heard.

Conclusion: the method is good, the main thing is to play, play, but don’t sing!”

2. Towel

Tip: Lubricate your hands with lubricant. Grasp the penis with one fist – at the base, with the second – a little higher, and turn both hands in opposite directions, as if trying to wring out a towel dry.


What happened in practice:

– Well, how are you?

– Good.

Do you like these moves?

– Yes, it’s really nice.

“I’ll wring you out like a towel.”

– Hey, hey, stop, that’s it, thanks, no need.

“You are a wet, damp towel, and you need to be squeezed well.

No, seriously, stop it!

“I won’t let you go until I’ve squeezed everything out of you!”

– Oh-she-she!

If you don’t get turned on by dirty talk about washing and drying towels, you can pretend to save his life and give chest compressions through your penis. At the same time, you can shout: “Discharge! Another rank! Bring on the adrenaline! We’re losing him!”… Or is that not a good idea?

3. Ping pong

Advice: “Hold your penis between your open palms and, using your hands instead of rackets, lightly toss it back and forth. Quick touches invigorate and increase blood flow to the surface of the skin.


What happened:

“Well, I tried. We giggled and fidgeted, he tried to fight me off, as a result, I fell off the couch. Decide to try it for yourself – put on a protective helmet.

How to achieve the best result? Imagine that you are a cat basking in the sun, playing with a ball of wool. The main thing is not to start hunting him like a mouse.