Our colleague from asked several men and women to describe their ideal night, which would be a luxurious sexual gift for them. And here’s what they said.

Nearly all of the men interviewed said they ideally would like sex to last more than an hour. The women said as long as possible. Or rather, as soon as he can. Which completely debunks the myth of a woman who would “quickly get rid of.”

The interviewees were asked another interesting question:

“If you could choose to have mediocre, mediocre, and fairly short sex every night, or really cool, amazing sex – but only once a week, what would you choose?”

All the men, except for one, chose a tit in their hand, that is, so-so sex every day. All of the women surveyed preferred pie in the sky – great sex once a week.

What is comforting about the results of this survey is that men’s and women’s perceptions of good sex are not so radically different after all.

What do you say, dear readers and readers? What is your ideal night?