1. You want to know everything about him right now.

If he is the person you want to live with for a long time, what’s the rush? In the end, good things happen to those who can wait. And when hormones are raging in the body, you don’t want to slow down at all.


2. You find it difficult to find a common language

Most of all, you like to spend time in bed, and outside of it, discuss what happened. You may not have anything else in common!

3. You look at life differently, but it doesn’t bother you

You like his company, you want to constantly hug and kiss. And the fact that you have completely different goals and views does not bother any of you. For example, you support different politicians, have opposing views on religion, and have different cultural backgrounds. Yes, and in the opinion about family values ​​do not agree.

4. You don’t feel anything for him.

You hope that feelings will come with time, but this does not happen. In the case of love, you discover something new in each other every day, and libido is just an addition to the recognition process.

5. You’re stuck in this romance

Friends, hobbies, sometimes even work – everything faded into the background compared to dating and sex. Of course, you can take it for love, but with a high probability it is just passion.