Oral sex technique

  Oral sex technique

Do you hate oral sex? Do you think this is an extremely dirty occupation, and you feel sick just thinking about it? .. Very much in vain! How can you consider yourself a great lover if you do not approve of this kind of sex. Many men find that manual sex techniques are the best way to please them. Moreover, many of them, constantly taking care of their reproductive organ and worrying about its size, equate the attitude of a woman to their dignity with the attitude of a woman to themselves. That is, it looks something like this: if she does not want to devote time to this kind of affection, is not ready for them, then the feelings are not so strong. That is why this sex technique for women and men is a very important moment of a happy intimate life.

In order to properly begin to familiarize yourself with the techniques of oral sex, you must first familiarize yourself with some of its rules.

Oral sex rules

  1. Wish. It is extremely important for a man that you acted solely out of sincere desire, and not under duress. To overcome the psychological barrier, imagine that the penis is just a smaller copy of your loved one and express your love and admiration for him with all kinds of caresses and kisses.
  2. Do not be distructed. Do not think at this moment about anything abstract, except to please your man, enjoy the fact that at this moment he belongs entirely to you, and everything else simply does not matter.
  3. Justify the trust. A man has entrusted you with the most precious thing he has, which is why hide all your claws and teeth, otherwise pleasure risks turning into pain.
  4. Psychological preparation. Start first with yourself, imagine how attractive his aroused penis is, imagine its silkiness and warmth, which is so nice to touch. Next, prepare your man too, excite his mind, his brain, tell me how his penis excites you, do not forget about the details of what you want to do with him now.

Oral sex technique for women

It is not necessary to compete with porn actresses and swallow his penis whole. The most sensitive places are within reach. So:

  1. It is better if your loved one takes a standing or sitting position.
  2. Start at the head of your lover's penis, lick it, find the vein along its underside by running the tip of your tongue along it.
  3. Covering your teeth with your lips, gently take the penis into you, let it lie down on your tongue for a while.
  4. Slowly, gently, but continuously tilt your head up and down.
  5. Keeping the penis in your mouth, do not forget to circle it entirely and its contours with your tongue. Lick the penis in a circular motion, moving up and down.
  6. You can add cream, a little juice, melted chocolate to this process and thus turn it into a gastronomic pleasure.
  7. You can also try brushing your teeth with menthol paste before this spicy activity, so your lover will feel some chill. But do not confuse such a paste with a fluoride paste, it can give a tingling effect.
  8. Moan periodically, make eye contact with your loved one, and help yourself with your hands.
  9. It should also be noted that men love it when women complete oral sex and swallow sperm, but if this is for you  Oral sex technique for menunacceptable, you can abstain.

deep penetration

If you still want to learn the technique of deep blowjob, do not forget that your mouth and throat should be located on the same straight line, this is best achieved by lying on the bed and hanging your head back. First, you should learn to breathe deeply and slowly. Get ready for the penis to block your air for a while.

Be that as it may, it is necessary to improve in such a technique of sex with a reliable, trusted partner whom you trust and, most importantly, you are not indifferent to him.