May holidays and summer holidays are approaching. Surely you are planning a joint vacation with a partner, and you will not do without romantic moments. Vacation sex will certainly please you! Especially if you follow a few simple rules.

1. Try not to work

Many people have to get a laptop and do something at work on vacation. Make every effort not to do this, but to enjoy what is happening.


2. Strengthen your connection with yourself

Remember what touches and actions you love, what smells and sounds make you really happy.

3. Get some lube

This is an important part of good sex, even if you used to get along just fine without it. Try it!

4. Let go of your stress

When thoughts are not about that swarming in your head, it can be difficult to focus on sex. But since vacation sex is bound to be enjoyable and relaxing, learn to switch. And think about the rest tomorrow.

5. Don’t count how many times you’ve done it.

Surely they tried something new, got a new experience … And the numbers do not matter much.

6. Role play

Role-playing games are a great way to get closer, especially on vacation when no one and nothing is rushing you. How many interesting things can you think of with just one beach towel! And if this enthusiasm at least partially remains with you when you return home, then the vacation was definitely a success.