Sex with music

What for?

Some men do it too fast. A kind of rapid fire: fluff and fluff and that’s it! The enemy is defeated, you can indulge in a sweet dream. Of course, this unfortunate lover hopes that a minute of intercourse seemed like an eternity to you, but let’s face it: not a single woman on the planet Earth has yet reached orgasm after a miserable minute of panting. And no “blah blah blah” will help here.


And there are men who turn sex into a long, tedious and not at all attractive action: they make strange sounds with their mouths, testicles and even pens. All this can really bring down the mood, and in the end you will pray to all the gods so that sex ends soon.

And our favorite category of lovers is “let’s make it quick.” They don’t have any problems with rapid ejaculation, they are just terribly lazy. As a rule, such guys lie on their backs, and leave all the menial work to their woman. Do you want kisses? So, the torso is waiting for affection! Do you like oral sex? His cock is always happy for you – sit down, and if you want, take off your bra. But you can forget about some preludes: he is already excited enough and the matter is urgent! Sister, come on, come on!


In general, music in time is a good solution to get you to match the rhythms. Calm and relaxing music for sex will help to “cool” the guy a little. Like any person, he will involuntarily try to adjust to the rhythm and, perhaps, give you 10 minutes of foreplay. And for guys with a slow reaction, turn on something louder and more cheerful: in this way you can “ignite” a man so that he has finally woken up from hibernation.

Which song to choose?

Among hundreds of thousands of songs, there are those that are most often chosen as the backdrop for a passionate night of love. The music editors of the Guvera app shared with us the five most popular of them.

The undisputed leader in the category of the best music for sex was the composition Hills groups The weekend, and this is not surprising: dance music is the best suited for sex. By the way, The Weekend also leads in terms of the number of songs that app users choose for this, of course, energetic activity – there are 16 of them in total.



With a slight margin You Like It RnB artist Omarion: in this rhythmic music for sex, a clear rhythm and melody are almost perfectly combined. Omarion’s recitative is often chosen as the backdrop for lovemaking, as a total of as many as 12 of his songs are recognized as “sexy”.

The third place was taken by a symphonic metal band Within Temptation with composition Our Solemn Hour – very epic and beautiful music for sex. The track record of the Dutch has 11 works for which Guvera users are not averse to indulging in passion.

The next in the list of the most popular songs for sex is the hottie’s hit Miguel with a promising name Flash. It is enough to hear his voice to believe: it is impossible to resist such music.


Closes the top five soulful and sensual Goooey British indie band glass animal. The group has existed for only three years, but already three of its songs have won the status of the best musical accompaniment for sex.

It was possible to collect a list of the “sexiest” songs in the world thanks to the #Play function in the Guvera application. App users can create their own playlists and search for music by tags based on genre or mood. So, in the playlists with the #sex tag in the global statistics of the application, 94 songs most often appear, which belong to 43 artists, and the title of the “hottest” genres and directions was shared by RnB, hip-hop, rock and electronics.