10 mistakes girls make in bed

Monotonous poses

Once you realized that it is the “woman on top” position that lifts you to heaven and this is the fastest and safest option for orgasm. And now, several years have passed since then, and you still do not change your sexual habit – a typical mistake of girls in sex. Every time the same thing, at any time of the day or night you find yourself “on horseback”. Cool, sure, but boring to death. It’s time to change positions during sex!


scheduled sex

No, Monday is a hard day. Today you can not overdo it with physical activity. Besides, you have group yoga tonight, and you have to get up early on Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday? Wednesday okay? Wait a minute though… You’re having a corporate dinner on Wednesday! And on Friday, as usual, relatives come. You can’t afford such things when a great-aunt from Khanty-Mansiysk is snoring behind the wall.

Down with the schedule, where there is no place for love!

Lack of initiative

Sex is for men. If he needs it, let him take the initiative. True, it is not yet a fact that you will have time and your mood will be playful. In general, my boy, do your job. Hurry, and I’ll lie down here… What? Move your butt?


Fake orgasm

Yes, darling, you did it in just three minutes of monotonous frictions! What a fellow, what a stallion!

Let’s be frank: during this time, no woman, if there was no hot foreplay before, will not be able to get an orgasm. And you should not deceive a guy either, because one day it will become a terrible revelation for him that you are a woman who needs time. And a skilled lover.

Too much romance

Yes, sex on the beach under the stars, and even with rose petals, is incredibly romantic. But if you try to create a romantic aura in your bedroom every night, it’s incredibly annoying. You can’t eat sushi and pasta forever, can you? So a man cannot constantly smear you with oil, light scented candles, turn on the same melody, so long as the sweetheart does not doubt his sincere feelings and desires. Sometimes you just need sex, without much preparation. Relax and allow yourself a little frivolity!



Conversations in the ranks!

“What would you do if I suddenly died?” – one of the favorite questions of a self-respecting lady. Yes, I don’t really want to talk about life after death, about future children, about trips to my mother for the weekend and the upcoming report. We believe you need to talk – we do too, after all. But sometimes you need to know the honor, having shut up in time.


You ended up in the same bed, and you are still not sure of your own attractiveness? Get over it, you’re beautiful. Yes, yes, you are the main miracle of the universe. In his eyes, for sure.


Let’s assume that all of the above is not your story. You are a liberated couple who loves sex and does not neglect the opportunity to add heat to the relationship. And here, too, lies one nuance that can complete your sex in just a minute – this is replaying.


You decided to diversify your sex a little by trying on the role of a doctor and a patient. You put on the most seductive underwear and did not forget about the nurse’s cap. Bravo, handclap! And then … Unexpectedly for everyone, you take out an enema and a blood pressure monitor. “Sick, substitute the ass. And we will measure your blood pressure. In general, you understand that you overdid it a little.

sex punishment

Looks like someone came in later than usual today. Yes, and such a familiar aroma from whiskey. Where was? What have you been doing? Ah, with friends? Ah, did you sit for an hour? So you will not see my body, despicable!

Familiar situation? And yet sex is needed not only for him, but also for you. Imagine, one day a man will say to you with his head held high: “No, dear, the borscht was so-so. You will not see my penis as your own ears. Market relations in sex can kill all desire to have sex. More precisely, to have sex with a specific person.


Third wheel

Your girlfriends don’t have to know what’s going on with you. Especially if it’s not the best sex in your life. Condemnation with the girlfriends of your men can confuse your companion a little, creating invisible barriers and complexes in him. No one wants to enter into a comparison if this comparison is not in his favor. So try to avoid these common mistakes girls make during sex!