Practice before sex

I will talk about the three stages of joint practices before sex. They can take place in any place that is comfortable for you.

  • Sit opposite each other in the lotus position and just start meditating. First, listen to yourself, concentrate on the sensations. Then listen to your partner’s breathing. It is extremely rare for people to tune in with themselves and with a partner at the same time, so they do not get quality sex. Such meditation will help to relax and feel a loved one.
  • First you try to tune in with yourself, and then you open your eyes and look at your partner. Just look – without emotions and smiles. This practice helps build trust. There is you, but at the same time you interact with another person through breathing and eye contact. You can complicate it a little: put one hand on your heart, and the other on the lower abdomen, where the male and female organs are located.
  • Let’s move on to touch. And here you first connect with yourself and, when you feel that you are ready, open your eyes and begin to touch the partner’s body. You choose where to put your hands. It depends on your desire at a particular moment. You want it and feel it. Most likely, then it will turn into intimacy. Try it! And you will feel a completely different result and effect.

Don’t be afraid to invite your partner to meditate. This can be done in a pleasant relaxed moment during the day or after sex – when a man is not tense, when he gets high and feels good.

Most importantly, speak for yourself:

  • “I would like…”;
  • “I would feel very cool if we tried”;
  • “I really want to experiment.”

There is a hack. To be magical in sex, a woman must be relaxed. She must want the magic. If you constantly think about soups, children, how to find money, where your husband is, or why he is at work for a long time, then you can hardly get pleasure and buzz. Set yourself up right.

Men are very fond of women, next to whom they receive emotions. This happens without problems if you are light and confident. You enjoy life, stand firmly on your feet, know what you want and what you enjoy.

He will be delighted, he will want you again and will go to any experiments if he knows that you know how to deliver emotions to yourself and will not put pressure on you.

When a woman gets an orgasm for herself, the man will feel like a hero. And it will be true, because next to him you get high, finish and fly away. In sex, you can not do without customization. Enjoy, orgasm with yourself and your partner, be alive, have fun and enjoy life.