1. Men have a stronger sex drive.

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Studies show that sexual desire is about the same for both sexes. In addition, women are able to get several orgasms in a row.


2. Lubrication is for old people

Nothing like this! Lubricant can make good sex great by reducing friction and discomfort. Women of all ages appreciate its benefits! About 80% of Millennial American women use lube regularly, researchers report.

3. The size of his legs is proportional to his penis

Ah, if only everything were so simple! There is no confirmation of this theory, scientists say: in a British study involving 104 men, no pattern was found.

4. Two condoms provide real protection.

When a man puts on two condoms at once, they rub against each other and break. It doesn’t make sense and increases your chances of an unwanted pregnancy.

5. Female ejaculation doesn’t exist.

In fact, up to 54% of women may experience something similar (the release of a small amount of secretion) at the time of orgasm.

6. Anal sex is safe.

Yes, you will not get pregnant, but you can get an infection, such as herpes.

7. Sex toys – for lovers of hard sex

This is not true. Toys are designed to diversify your sex life and please both of you.