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It is important. We don’t want you to have an anal orgasm for someone else. The only person worth trying for is yourself. And if you don’t feel like trying, just close this article and read something else. This is fine. There are hundreds of ways to please yourself.
It’s only worth reading if you’re curious. And if you basically like games with anus. If it hurts, unpleasant or “no way” for you, there are much surer ways.

Just like most other orgasms, through indirect stimulation of the clitoris, which is shaped like a fork with two “teeth”.
In order to understand how sensitive your anus is, you can just… try it. The next time you start masturbating, just pay a little attention not only to the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina, but also to the anus, to understand how much you respond to such caresses.

It’s better to start on your own. There are things that are easier to feel when there are no distractions. Not to mention the fact that anal caresses are a complex, somewhat taboo topic. It’s good if you and your partner have an ideal understanding and you can always describe in detail to him what you want and what you like.