Is masturbation harmful?

Many people like sexual games alone with themselves as a variety of personal life. But excessive passion for this process can turn it into a habit or cause harm. What is harmful masturbation, what effect does masturbation have on your attraction and desire for a partner, we will tell in this article.

Can masturbation be harmful?

Each person differs in his level of sexual activity, and in different periods it can either increase or decrease. Does masturbation affect your sex life? There is definitely an impact. It is a healthy activity and most women and men regularly use masturbation as a form of sexual release. Even as teenagers, many first tasted all the delights of this secret game, about which there is so much talk today. In this case, masturbation helps to recognize the body, gives pleasure. If this process has become a habit, it can have an unpleasant effect on the body and the ability to excite.

There is nothing shameful and unhealthy in female self-satisfaction. But on one important condition: this activity should not take over your thoughts. In other words, you can masturbate at least several times a day, get pleasure and satisfaction from this activity, but only physical and emotional. It’s not the number of orgasms that should excite you, but how much attention you pay to it. If your thoughts are becoming increasingly obsessed with this activity, it’s time to ask yourself some serious questions:

  1. Would you refuse a date and prefer an evening alone?
  2. Are you late for school or work because you can’t get away from your body?
  3. Has masturbation become your hobby?

If you can answer yes to these questions, it’s worth thinking about the problem.

Consequences of female masturbation

About whether masturbation is harmful to women, it has been said by many: in a reasonable way – no. Moreover, masturbation will allow a woman to understand what she likes, to know her body and imagine what she wants in the process of having sex. The consequences of masturbation for women are not tragic, but you should not get carried away and attach great importance to self-satisfaction. Some people have never masturbated, nor have their personal lives seemed flawed.

Today, in order to get sexual pleasure on your own, there are many ways and options. But, despite the development of the industry of sexual toys and devices, do not forget that two people will give each other more sensual pleasure.

If you are concerned about pain after masturbation, you should consult a doctor, because these pains can be caused by a number of reasons. Pain can also be caused by injury if you used toys while masturbating. One way or another, staying at home and enduring discomfort is not worth it, it is best to visit a doctor’s office.

What does masturbation lead to?

Influence of masturbation

Rare masturbation will not keep you waiting for negative consequences. This is just one of the many ways to please yourself.

But if you notice that masturbation has become too time consuming, has become your obsession, you will probably try to find the answer to the question of how to get rid of masturbation. Do you have a permanent partner? Talk to him frankly, confess, tell him why you are doing this. Tell your loved one what you lack in sex, what you like, do not be afraid to admit your sexual addictions. Remember, your mind is stronger than your desires, you, like no one else, must be able to control your actions.