1. Penis sizes

Studies show that the average length of an erect penis is 13-14 centimeters. Only in 2% of men it reaches 20 cm or more. The average girth at the base is 12-13 cm.


2. Loss of virginity

Here, of course, all options are good, but according to polls, the average age is 16-17 years.

3. Security

Only about 30% of men wear a condom during sex.

4. Watching porn

Polls show that half of men have seen adult films by the age of 14. By 18 – 90%.

5. Number of partners

There will always be people who break the statistic, but the average over an entire sex life is 6.

6. Duration of sex

Women state that they need 15 to 25 minutes, while the average intercourse lasts only about 4 minutes.

7. Recovery

It takes about 20 minutes for a man in his 20s to 30s to restore “combat readiness” between sexual acts.

8. Thoughts about sex

A study with a small sample showed that men think about sex on average 34 times a day (women, by the way, only 19).


9. Favorite pose

No, not “something unusual” at all! 27% – “missionary”, 24% – “doggy-style”.

10. Attitude towards sex toys

Two-thirds of men believe that toys help women achieve orgasm and reduce the need to show their best in bed. The rest state that they do not like this topic and girls become addicted to their vibrators.

11. Size Confidence

35% of men are satisfied with the size and shape of their penis, the rest find flaws.

12. Anal sex

Every second man has tried it, and in the last three months every tenth man has done it.