In case you do not yet have experience with sex toys, but would really like to get it, we have collected for you 5 of the easiest to manage, but pleasant gadgets in every respect.

What sex toys to start with? For example, with clitoral stimulation with the easy-to-use Qvibry Memo stimulator. It is compact, has a small size and weight, easy to clean. It is enough to wash it under running water with soap, and the vibrator is ready to go! Qvibry is controlled by one button and keeps the last used mode in its memory. In addition, it has an internal 4Gb flash drive – you can upload files of any format you need to it. Indispensable for women who prefer simple and functional things.

“Oh my god, what a thing!” we exclaimed. Sleek and stylish, the stimulator is surprisingly easy to use. The toy has 5 modes of operation, which are switched using the touch panel. Each of your erogenous zones will be delighted with this “baby”.

This cute dolphin is perfect for your first vibrator. Its design provides you with double pleasure: from vibrations in the vagina and from delicate stimulation of the clitoris with a “fin”. The toy gives unlimited space in the realization of sexual fantasies: stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones with them, arrange “swims” in the bathroom – vivid sensations are guaranteed!

Once the clitoral area is awakened, it’s time to move on to the G-spot. The rechargeable G-spot vibrator has 9 vibration and pulsation modes: find your favorite or alternate them according to your mood. Flexible and pleasant to the touch, it will not leave anyone indifferent. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it will easily find the G-spot, and the enlarged head will provide more intense stimulation. The vibrator is absolutely waterproof, which means you can use it in the shower, bath or jacuzzi! The perfect sex toy for beginners and beyond!

If we start using sex toys, then these too. Vaginal balls will help develop the muscles of the intimate muscles in order to experience enchanting sensations during sex and deliver them to a partner. In addition, strong pelvic floor muscles are the key to your intimate health. For beginners, we recommend using Geisha Balls – they are good because the balls in the hitch can be gradually replaced, moving from light to heavier, gradually increasing the load. Invisible to strangers, these balls stimulate involuntary muscle contractions and relaxations in accordance with your movements.