Sexual problems in men

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

Sooner or later, any woman understands that the value of sex is not in many hours of rhythmic alignment of the bulges and recesses of the male and female bodies. The more experienced we become, the more we appreciate sincere feelings and tenderness, wisdom and experience of a partner. We gradually comprehend the basics of passion, enter into a taste of true intimacy, but, getting a longed-for ideal ally with a rich love experience, we find that many hours of rhythmic combinations are gradually becoming a thing of the past.


About quantities and sizes

After a man’s 45th birthday, the balance of mastery of the female body as a musical instrument and physiological possibilities for virtuoso sex is rapidly changing. Starting from this age mark, testosterone begins to decline by 1% per year, and this entails a rapid weakening of libido. Mature sex becomes more and more spiritual and incorporeal, to the dismay of peers whose sexual desire is at its peak during this period. Although the options may be different, and the most important indicator of the sexual potential of your loved one is genetics. According to urologists who monitor men of different age groups, 90% of male sexual solvency depends on hereditary factors.


It is curious that some idea of ​​\u200b\u200bman’s possibilities in the love field can be made by evaluating his growth. The fact is that growth hormone – somatotropin – is an antagonist of the sex hormone testosterone. As soon as puberty becomes more rapid, human growth slows down and stops. Therefore, a small stature of a man may be evidence of an early onset of puberty and a high level of testosterone. The popular rumor that sex giants are mostly short, hairy men with crooked legs has a real medical explanation. Well, except that the curvature of the legs remains in question. But tall men, according to doctors, have a low sexual constitution.



Do not rush to rub your palms, thinking that now one look at a man will be enough for you to find out the most important thing about him. In us women, the sex hormone inhibits growth no less than in men. So the tall, stately models dreamed of by uninformed “voters” are expensive adornments of a man’s life, the same as gold and diamonds. But some prefer it hot!

But what is especially important is that the size of the male penis does not affect the sexual abilities of its owner. One of my acquaintances, an andrologist, noted in a private conversation that, according to his observations, the higher the intellectual level of a man, the more modest his “jade stem” is. However, it is precisely the high level of intelligence and spiritual development that is the most important manhood, which over time turns an inexperienced youth into a ladies’ man.


Tough prostate

The main horror of male existence called prostatitis begins to threaten our beloved even before passion fades. The number of young men who complain of ailments to urologists is growing every year. It’s hard to believe, but urologists diagnose this male ailment in 30-58% of men aged 30 to 50 years. In fact, every second contender for our love can be unhealthy! In this rapid process of weakening the stronger sex, we, their muses and inspirers to erotic exploits, are also guilty.

Basically, the cause of prostatitis in men is a decrease in immunity and sexually transmitted or urological diseases that have not been fully cured. But even chronic bronchitis or caries can provoke intimate problems for men.

Who is to blame and what to do?

Actually, no one is to blame. The situations in which men sometimes find themselves are too complex to be interpreted unambiguously. One thing is clear: you need to be wise and attentive, patient and careful towards your chosen one. And then he will certainly answer you in return!