Intimate plastic

According to statistics, women resort to the services of plastic surgeons seven times more often than men. Today, plastic surgery is considered one of the most effective means to preserve youth and beauty. Over the past decade, methods that are used to correct the face and figure have found their way into plastic surgery of the external genital organs.

Women who resort to intimate plastic surgery, as a rule, have several goals. First of all, female intimate plasticity allows you to increase sexual attractiveness. Psychologists say that dissatisfaction with one’s body is the first source of a wide variety of complexes that complicate sexual life. Often, the fair sex resort to intimate plastic just after childbirth.

Modern intimate plastic surgery allows solving the following problems: reduction and correction of the labia minora, reduction or enlargement of the clitoris, resizing of the labia majora and elimination of their laxity, which often occurs after the birth of a child.

Intimate plastic surgery of the labia minora

Intimate plastic surgery allows you to eliminate any defects of the labia minora. The most common problem is the asymmetry of these organs, which is usually congenital. With age, in women, the labia minora changes its shape – they darken and stretch. The intervention of plastic surgeons allows you to give the labia a more aesthetic appearance. As a rule, after intimate plastic surgery, a woman’s sexual sensitivity increases.

For intimate plastic surgery of the labia minora, two methods are used – surgical and laser. Faster and less painful is laser intimate plastic surgery. However, this method, unlike surgery, may not be used for all women. Laser intimate plastic is performed under local anesthesia and lasts no more than ten minutes. The postoperative period is only one day, and the complete healing of the labia minora occurs within 7-10 days.

Intimate plastic surgery of the labia majora

The labia majora perform a very important function – they must cover the labia minora and prevent any infection from entering the woman’s vagina. However, the skin of the labia majora is subject to rapid aging. It changes its color, stretches, becomes flabby and does not look aesthetically pleasing. Some of the fair sex suffer from enlarged labia majora when walking – their friction against each other causes irritation and discomfort. Also, women who want to increase the size of these organs resort to intimate plastic surgery of the labia.

The plastic of these intimate places is carried out with the help of a laser, when the labia needs to be reduced and their shape corrected. To increase the size, the method of contour intimate plastic surgery is used – filling the labia with hyaluronic acid or fat.

Intimate plastic surgery of the clitoris

All operations that are performed on the clitoris are divided into two groups – cosmetic and functional. Cosmetic intimate plastic surgery of the clitoris involves a change in its size and the ability to giveWho did intimate plastic surgery this organ has an attractive appearance. Functional plastic surgery is necessary when the clitoris is hidden under the labia. After the operation, the clitoris is exposed, which allows the woman to have a clitoral orgasm.

Where to do intimate plastic surgery?

Similar procedures are carried out in special medical institutions that specialize in plastic surgery. Before contacting a medical center, a woman should find a suitable doctor with whom she can share her intimate problems. It is important that the doctor was not only a professional in his field, but also disposed to himself. But, without a doubt, it is better to choose a clinic and a doctor based on the reviews of those who have done intimate plastic surgery, because in this case you will get a guaranteed high-quality result.