So, in a study of American scientists, published in the medical journal Journal of Reproductive Immunology, two groups of women took part. One included those who had recurrent miscarriages: at least three times before 20 weeks of pregnancy. In the other – those whose pregnancy proceeded normally.

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After studying women’s oral sex habits, scientists found that 41 out of 72 women with miscarriages gave men blowjobs. In the second group, there were 70 out of 92.

Based on this and other data, the researchers concluded that oral sex increases the likelihood of successful childbearing. It is likely that putting semen in a woman’s mouth strengthens her immune system, which leads to a greater number of successful births.

Of course, the study is very small and the conclusions are not yet supported by a more serious sample, but the study of this connection will be continued.

Recurrent miscarriages occur in about 1% of women, and the cause is usually unknown. Perhaps the study of the effect of sperm on the female body will help to understand how to increase the resistance of the mother’s body to paternal antigens in order to reduce the frequency of miscarriages and help to successfully carry the pregnancy.