Kind with healthy

Of course, wet sex has its downsides. The main one is the limited space for action, because it’s not easy to even fit together in a standard one and a half meter bath. And you still have to move and have fun. Let’s start with safety.


  • It would be nice to install handrails that will help maintain balance, or at least buy a rubber mat – it will not allow your feet to slip.

  • Water washes away the natural lubrication of the vagina (and water-based lube, by the way), so use silicone lubes: they stick more securely due to their dense texture.

  • For the same reason (washability), spermicides are not suitable as a contraceptive. Condoms too: water can get into the product and it will slip or break. Only pills and coils remain.

  • When starting the main action, make sure that you do not have soap and other detergents left on you. If ingested, they can cause an allergic reaction.

  • Sex toys must be exclusively waterproof. As a rule, this is written on the packaging. But still, open the charger box and make sure that a rubber gasket is installed on the back of the cover to ensure tightness.


see the main thing

Comfortable in the shower for lovers of oral sex. A man stands under the shower, jets of water directed at the back of his head and back create a hydromassage effect. You are on your knees in front of him – a man’s dream come true! And you will personally check the purity of the item before sending it into your mouth.

The reverse option: you are knee-deep in warm water (one foot can be put on the side of the bath), the man is sitting. He can stimulate you both with his tongue and with a stream of soul.

37.5 degrees is the maximum water temperature for games. If it is warmer, erection problems may occur.

On the same wave

Get half a bath of water. No more, otherwise you will flood the neighbors from below. The man plunges first, sits in the center of the bath, bending his legs under him. You are on top, facing or back to him, leaning your hands on the sides. Your movements will create a pleasant caressing wave.



Got in line

Get on all fours at the bottom of the tub. Put the included shower under your stomach: while the bath is filling, the jets will caress you. The man behind you in doggy style holds your hips or waist. This is an imitation of extreme: you are making love, and at this time the water comes and is about to flood you. Can you finish on time?

Keep it up

Stand facing each other. Lean your back against the wall and your feet against the sides of the tub. So the man does not have to take on the entire weight of his body, this will save him strength for additional maneuvers. He holds your hips. And you hold on to the special handrails that are pre-installed in the bathroom (you can buy them at any intimate store). Position the shower so that the jet of water hits your chest – this is an additional stimulation of the erogenous zones.


good shake

The most powerful vibrator that mankind has ever invented, most of us have already bought. It stands in the bathroom, called a washing machine. Turn on the spin mode, and have one of you lean on the lid with your buttocks, and the second will be attached in front. From additional vibrations, your sensations will become much brighter. You can experiment and adjust the unit for yourself: almost all modern automatic machines have several different spin speeds, respectively, the vibration frequency will also differ. As a bonus – a camouflage noise curtain: “What did you do in the bathroom for so long?” – “Erased!”.