In a new study, researchers duly asked 8,000 women from France, the US, Spain, the UK, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands and Germany about their sex lives.

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For example, 66% of them admitted that they do it so that their partner will finish sooner, and 87% answered that they are trying to … increase his self-esteem in this way.

Also, scientists made a sample by country, and it turned out that French women most often imitate an orgasm. Despite this, French women are more likely than others to experience “honest” orgasms, and this happens to them most regularly. The reason for the fact that in France more often than other countries imitate orgasm, scientists attribute the fact that French women, compared with women from other countries in the study, experience a higher level of stress.

This leads to fatigue and an unstable emotional state, as well as a general decrease in libido. Also, French couples prefer conservative vaginal sex, which is not very conducive to achieving an orgasm for a woman.

So, here is the ranking of countries by the number of women who regularly fake an orgasm:

And here is the ranking of countries by the number of women who cannot experience an orgasm: