In what position to conceive a boy?

what position to conceive a boy

Let’s start with an anatomical introduction. Male spermatozoa are divided into two types:

  • with a set of X chromosomes;
  • with a set of Y chromosomes.

Girls are born from a combination of two X chromosomes (XX), and boys from a combination of X and Y (XY). As you can see, if you are interested in how to conceive a boy correctly, you must ensure the maximum passage of Y-sperms to the uterus.

Let’s figure out how to do it.


X-spermatozoa live up to 5 days in the acidic environment of a woman’s vagina, they move more slowly and are larger – their chances of survival are clearly higher. Y-spermatozoa live 24 hours, they are smaller and faster.

So, in what position to conceive a boy, with an understanding of the above? The posture should promote ejaculation as close to the uterus as possible so that spermatozoa with a Y set “win” the race against X spermatozoa.

For this, all poses are suitable, where the woman is below and where the man can insert his penis as deeply as possible.

The most popular and proven:

  • “missionary position;
  • the “doggy style” position – the woman is on all fours, the man enters the vagina from behind;
  • the “spoon” position – both partners lie on their sides, the man enters from behind.

From the point of view of the physiology of a woman, it is necessary to pay attention to the possible presence of a bend in the uterus:

if there is a bend, determine in which direction and lie down on this side for conception; if the neck is located higher than usual, the knee-elbow position will suit you.

When?how to conceive a boy

But posture is not an absolute guarantee. When dealing with the question of how to conceive a boy’s child, pay attention to the date of sexual intercourse.

To conceive boys, you need to make love 24 hours before ovulation and 12 hours after ovulation.

Again, the reason is the short life of Y-spermatozoa, and the long-term persistence of X-spermatozoa in the vagina. In addition, at least two days of abstinence for partners is recommended so that X chromosomes from a previous sexual intercourse do not accidentally end up in the vagina at the time of conception.