I came to her place of work, and she handed me the desired bag. The night before, I lay and thought about sensations. I never had a vibrator, although I used other sex toys.


I got to know her company beforehand to read the reviews. It turned out that the Fun Factory company is very reliable, no one had any incidents during the process. Before picking up the gadget, I clarified whether it was waterproof, as for me this was one of the main criteria.


When I came home and opened the bag, I saw that the vibrator was matte black, all smooth, the material looked like silicone. Then I read that it really is medical silicone.


But the thought that haunted me: “Why so small?” I even measured it – the penetration length is only 8 cm, although it is 17 cm as a whole. MiSS Bi has a shape adapted to the female anatomy. The curved top massages the G-spot when fully inserted, while the flexible, wide extension vibrates against the clitoris and labia.

Switch on switch off



I twisted and turned the vibrator in my hands for a long time – after 5 attempts, I was finally able to turn it on and, as it seemed to me, I understood by trial and error how it was done: you just need to hold the Fun button for a long time. You will immediately see her – she is red.

There are two more buttons on the panel. When I turned on the vibrator, I realized that the top button is responsible for stimulating the G-spot, and the bottom button is responsible for stimulating the clitoris. I note right away: it is quite noisy, like an epilator or an electric toothbrush. But the music and the flow of the soul drown out this noise. I live alone, so these things don’t really bother me.

A USB cable was included with the kit. When I put it on charge, it turned red – my miracle friend is discharged. I left it charging while I drank a glass of champagne myself. When it charged, all three buttons lit up. Everything is ready now!



I took a bath, put out the candles, turned off the lights, turned on the music and got ready to please myself. I turned on the first G-spot stimulation mode. It turned out to be too aggressive for me. Then I tried clitoral stimulation – the first mode really turned out to be gentle. I moved the vibrator over the labia with a slight vibration (first mode), which helped to turn on, and began to increase the vibration by pressing the buttons.


I lay and thought whether to introduce it into myself or not, and it’s so good. But try to try. The vibrator was introduced without difficulty. At the same moment, all my doubts about the size were dispelled. I felt it perfectly inside me, but there was no discomfort.


  • The first, second and third modes of the middle button increase the vibration, respectively, when I felt that I lacked the stimulation that the first mode gave me, I switched to the second mode.
  • The third mode is the most powerful.
  • After the third mode, the vibrator reproduces pulsating movements. The fourth mode is pulsing with a short interval, and I thought it was good after the climax: not too aggressive and gives you the opportunity to catch your breath. All other modes are in descending order.
  • The fifth is the alternation of strong and weak vibrations.
  • The sixth mode – the vibration is slow at first, then accelerates and remains at a high speed.


Not a very practical feature that I did not like about this device: the next time you decide to use the vibrator, keep in mind that it starts from the modes that were saved from the last time. Since I like to start more gently and slowly, this is not very suitable for me. But if you love immediately, quickly and rudely, then this is the mode for you.

To be honest, I was surprised that the vibrator could excite me to such a level. I really lay down and enjoyed the process. As it turned out, the main thing is to find “your” modes that are not too fast and do not cause discomfort.

To be honest, this vibrator is not for beginners. It’s powerful enough, but for experienced sex toy users, it’s perfect, to be sure.

After an orgasm, I can definitely say that the sensations are much brighter than after fingers or a shower jet. And the undoubted plus of the vibrator is that you can use it several times in one evening. It won’t run out or get tired, so enjoy!

Text: Alexandra Ershova