If you have a free evening, and you don’t know what to do with it, invite your partner to play sexual games. This can help not only diversify your intimate life, but also bring your partner to a frank conversation. And as a result, both get both pleasure and an unforgettable new experience.

sex cubes

Sexy dice is an old game that will help pass the time if you don’t know what to do in the evening. The rules are simple. Usually, players roll two dice: one shows a part of the partner’s body, the second shows an action (“lick”, “kiss”, “suck”, etc.). Players roll the dice in turn and perform the combination that came up.


Sex games for two

If one of the players does not want to implement one of the actions (for example, you are not enthusiastic about the idea of ​​​​sucking his big toe), you can impose a penalty: for example, take off one of the items of clothing. If you didn’t have special cubes in your household, you can use ordinary dice, guessing a part of the body and an action for each number.

bowl of fantasy

A game that will help not only diversify your sex life, but also establish intimate contact between partners. Write on pieces of paper five of your darkest, most secret fantasies. Roll them up and throw them into a bowl. Ask your partner to do the same. After shuffling the papers, draw one at random.


Sexual games for foreplay

It is not necessary to do what is written there. You can turn off the lights, crawl under the covers and talk about your fantasy with each other. If this is your fantasy, find out how acceptable it is for your partner, if he wants to try. Accordingly, if the idea is his, tell me how you feel about it. While your boyfriend is talking, you can stroke and caress his body. You yourself will not notice how you both get turned on and the evening will cease to be boring.


Secret item

No, you don’t have to hide anything. Ask your partner to undress, lie on their back and not move. Take 4-5 items that, in your opinion, are suitable for sexual play. All items must be pleasant to the touch and non-hazardous. It can be a piece of silk, a feather, a piece of ice, a mitten or candle wax. Be sure to include cool and warm clothes in this game – it is possible that both you and your partner will like the temperature difference. Drive over your partner’s body until he guesses what you have in your hands. As a reward, you can play with his nipples or run your breasts all over your partner’s body.

Better than porn

The beginning of the game is the easiest – climb into bed and turn on your favorite porn (if you don’t have a favorite, a great excuse to find something that you both like). Now watch what the heroes of the video are doing and try to do better! While the video is playing, repeat after the actors what they are doing. Imagine that cameras are aimed at you both, the cameraman is giving instructions, and you don’t even really know each other, but met just ten minutes ago before it was heard: “The camera is the engine!”


Not yet

If it seems to you that your foreplay could be more authentic, and your partner does not understand hints, turn it all into a game. Take a kitchen timer and set it for as many minutes as you need. Game conditions can change over time. For example, according to the rules, penetration is allowed only 10 minutes after the start of caresses, you can only remove one thing per 2 minutes, or it is forbidden to touch the genitals during the first 5 minutes.


naked twister

Just combine an ordinary twister and stripping and you will have one of the best sex games for two that you can think of! The meaning of the twister is to maintain balance: you are forced to reach to the other end of the field without pushing your partner and falling yourself. But this is much more interesting to do if you are both naked!


sexy cards

Not only dice can be used for sexual games. Assign a specific action to each card suit. Worms – a kiss, tambourines – massage, clubs – manual stimulation, spades – oral caresses. And let the dignity symbolize the number of seconds during which to perform the intended action. Draw cards one by one and taste each other.

Truth or Dare

Take the opportunity to learn more about your partner by playing Truth or Dare. The meaning of the sexual game is simple: ask your partner a question, the answer to which you really want to hear. Ask if he’s ever had a threesome or if he’d like to try some unexpected positions. He always has a choice: he can answer the truth or choose an action – “challenge”. You come up with a “challenge” for him yourself: ask him to do what you want. Discuss all gaming taboos in advance so that you don’t start discussing them during the game and not knock yourself out of the mood.


strip guessing game

Ask your partner questions about yourself. For example, “Who is my favorite writer?” or “Which dessert do I prefer?” – anything. The correct answer gives the guesser the right to remove one thing from you. And after three wrong ones, switch roles. This sexy game for two will not only warm you up before sex, but will also allow you to get to know each other better.


Another sexual game for two, which will help you better understand your partner. This time without further ado. Undress and stand opposite each other. One of the partners starts the game by kissing or stroking the other. The second answers him, synchronously caressing the same places. Thus, you can show your partner without words what you expect from him.


Looking for honey

A sexy game for those who love sweets. Blindfold your partner. For this, a scarf, a belt from a dressing gown or a tie will fit. Get undressed, take some honey and put a drop on any part of your body. The partner must explore your body with lips and tongue until he finds the sweet. Then you can switch roles. If you want to add a competitive element, time your search. Whoever gets to the honey faster will win.