iBrate vibrate is able to turn an ordinary phone into a real vibrating massager! True, we still do not understand why this is necessary? It is unlikely that anyone will massage their neck or other, more intimate places. On the other hand, it can be quite a clear hint for a man that the watch shows the time for sex! We did not find any other advantages of the application.

If one of your couple is a modest person and does not like to talk about his most secret desires, then Kindu will help you! The application is designed specifically so that lovers can get to know each other a little better and be sure to use their knowledge to develop love relationships. You will have to answer tricky questions honestly and frankly, and there are as many as 665 questions in total! That is enough for a long time. Downloading!

Creative, but a little strange, the Sex drive app imitates different sounds, which, according to the developers, should set you up for sex. We do not know what the guys who came up with such an application were guided by, but we put a solid five for the idea! But the execution leaves much to be desired. Seriously, have any of you been turned on by vibrations or sounds from your smartphone?

From the name it is clear that this is the real “Kama Sutra” in your phone! You can choose poses, taking into account your wishes, or you can give yourself to the occasion and press “choose a random pose”. At least you will have a great evening performing these acrobatic numbers using everything that there is in the house – from the kitchen chair to the bedside table.And as much as possible you can master new sex techniques that will awaken real animals in you (in the best sense of the word, of course).Therefore, there is only one recommendation – download it!

It seems that the man has completely forgotten the concept of “prelude”? Then the Sexy Dice app will definitely serve you faithfully. This app is real dice, only for adults (and hot!) people. You just “throw” the dice, and they show you where to kiss, where to lick, and where to pet. We believe this is a great warm up idea!