Many people have a little dissociation during sex: they go into their fantasies or concentrate entirely on tactile sensations, and the body becomes only an instrument for obtaining pleasure.
We are accustomed to consider our own figure critically. How often do we look at ourselves without clothes? When we undress in the bathroom and study every extra crease, swelling or stretch. At the same time, we pull in the stomach, stand on tiptoe, bend slightly in the lower back to seem better, more beautiful, sexier … During sex, you won’t pull in the stomach – you want to relax and not think about how your chest sagged when you are on all fours . That is why seeing yourself and your partner during sex can easily become a source of frustration.
On the other hand, it can also turn into a spicy erotic game for two. You’re having sex and watching porn at the same time. And there is something in this!

The mirror world is able to turn any, even the most boring sex into something new and bright. The most banal missionary pose will sparkle with bright colors when you dare to look at yourself from the side. Only you should have a mirror or a wardrobe with a mirrored door next to your bed.
By the way, if this seems too “visual” to you, do not turn on the overhead light, but light up the bedroom with something like a small night lamp or candles.
A large stationary mirror is not as mobile as a small one, so it’s more likely that you’ll have to move around to find the most attractive angle.
Take a look at yourself during the cowgirl pose and you will see how beautiful you are, you will immediately understand why a man likes it so much when you move on him.

And your partner can be very turned on by “blowjob, side view”, because during oral sex most often he sees only the top of your head, but the mirror will help him see much more intriguing details. And if you put him in front of a mirror, and you yourself go down between his knees so that he sees your back, the picture will be exactly like in erotic films. Show him how you masturbate during a blowjob, he will be even more pleased.

If you are embarrassed to bring everything to sex, start with foreplay in front of a mirror.

You’ve never tried to look at yourself there – try it! Never masturbated, looking in the mirror at what your hands or a vibrator are doing – do not miss this opportunity!
From myself I will add that this is indeed a very exciting experience and very curious. Looking at your private parts is still a bit of a taboo, like “nice girls don’t do that,” not curious about what they look like there.

The mirror is an easy way to change something in your sex life and in the perception of your own body. Efforts are minimal, and the result may be a pleasant surprise for you.