The main mistakes when using a condom

Using a condom before sex

I mean, putting on a condom is better just before the penis goes into battle. If you are not yet fully aroused and the male penis has not reached its maximum erection, you should not put on a condom. Where to hurry?


Putting on a condom before orgasm

how to use a condom correctly

Are you reluctant to wear a condom during sex because “the feeling is not so bright”? This is one of the main mistakes when using a condom. The range of contraceptives is now so wide that it is not difficult to choose the best option for a long time. Choose skin-to-skin condoms, but still use it during sex from the beginning to the end. After all, if you save yourself from an unwanted pregnancy, this approach will be less effective against STDs.


Use improvised means instead of special lubricant

For example, sunflower oil. Why not, right? In addition, the aroma resembles grandmother’s pancakes. But seriously, it’s amazing how many lovers try to cheat and save on lubrication, using everything that comes to hand: cream, butter, cream. The fact is that such tricks mercilessly destroy latex, from which the same condom is made.

If your intimate lubrication is not enough, it is better to buy a water-based or silicone-based lubricant in a pharmacy or sex shop, or use condoms with additional lubrication.


Trying to wrap the penis too tight with a condom

How to use a condom? Pantyhose or a bra should sit tight, but with a condom the story is different: the tip of the contraceptive should be completely free, because it is there that the result of your work flows – the sperm of a man. Otherwise, there is a high risk of stretching the condom too much or, even worse, tearing it.


Using condoms that are too big

mistakes when using a condom

Girls sin by buying a bra half a size larger than their actual breast size, and boys by purchasing an XXL condom. And if in the first case it does not threaten anything, except for the emptiness in the bra, then a large condom can fly off your partner’s penis.