Warm it up!

HOW IT WORKS By heating certain places on your boyfriend’s body, you help blood flow to these points and make his skin more sensitive. Therefore, a “warmed up” man is more receptive to caresses.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO Perhaps, after watching German films, it is not worth pouring molten wax on a man’s stomach and watching how his beloved screams with delight. Still, hot wax is too strong a stimulant.


If you’ve ever gone camping, then, of course, you know: to kindle a fire, you need to blow hard. The flame of passion swells in much the same way. By warming your earlobes, neck, belly, nipples of your macho with your breath, you can bring him to a boiling point.

For those who like it hot, warm water can act as an “erotic heating pad”. First, take a sip to warm your mouth and lips, and then take some liquid into your mouth and run your lips over your boyfriend’s erogenous zones, trying to let the water touch his skin for a few seconds. Think about something sad (for example, about the December deadline): after all, if you laugh, the young man will feel like a ficus, which is abundantly sprayed. It is unlikely that in this state he will be able to achieve orgasm.
Another trick that will increase the intensity of passions is the use of a warming cream or oil. It is better to buy them in a sex shop: those sold in pharmacies are too strong and can irritate the skin. Squeeze some cream into the palm of your hand and lightly massage your boyfriend’s penis and testicles. Blood will instantly rush to these areas – and sexual arousal is guaranteed.

Erogenous zones can be located in the most unexpected places, for example on the eyelids. The fact is that the skin of the eyelids is similar in structure to the skin of the scrotum – the absence of subcutaneous fat and close nerve endings make the eyelids very sensitive.

Places to know!


  • As you know, there are points, by clicking on which, you can “turn on” sexual arousal. For example, the toes are considered one of the most erogenous zones. Gently massage them with your partner, and then touch each with the tip of your tongue – as if in front of you is not some boring finger, but the most beautiful penis in the world.
  • If you manage to perform miracles of acrobatics and at the same time pay attention to two erogenous zones (for example, nipples and earlobe), your boyfriend will have the feeling that his most forbidden and sweetest dream has come true – sex with two girls at once. And be sure that after that he will never exchange you for another.


Cool him down!

HOW IT WORKS It may seem strange to you, but the cold can be even more exciting than the heat. Nerve endings on the skin respond to any temperature difference, and therefore an ice cube excites no worse than hot breath.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO Lay your boyfriend on his back, take a piece of ice, slowly slide it along the neck of your beloved, go down to the nipples, draw spirals around the navel, “freeze” the inside of the thighs a little. Just do not make a cold compress on the penis and scrotum – under the influence of cold, these places will immediately shrink, and you will have to forget about an erection.
Men’s nipples are no less sensitive than your own – there the ice cube should be kept longer. Make a few circular movements around them or hold an ice cube in your mouth and touch the nipples with the tip of a cold tongue.
By the way, the cold can prolong the pleasure. If you feel that your partner is already close to orgasm, and you still need time, cool the ardor of your Casanova by putting a piece of ice on his lower back … True, the reaction may be too violent. Perhaps it will be more reliable if you just put your cold palm on his lower back, in which you just held an ice cube.


Attack him!

HOW IT WORKS Sex is essentially a manifestation of primitive instincts. Therefore, the more aggression, unbridledness and other “wild” signs you show in bed, the closer you are to the origins. From time to time, wake up the beast in yourself – and your boyfriend will consider himself the most desirable man in the world.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO Show impatience. While he is rumpled near the bed, tangled in his trousers and struggling with socks, grab him by the hair, pull his face to yours and kiss passionately and hard. You can even bite a little on the lip. A man is a rather thick-skinned creature, and in order for him to feel something, sometimes you need to apply force. Even if you leave marks of your nails on his back and a bruise on his lip, he is unlikely to start crying in pain. In addition, you should remember that hair is connected with nerve endings and, running tenacious fingers into his hair, you can cause not only pain, but also incredible pleasure. Don’t be afraid to overdo it: any Indian knows that the scalp is surprisingly strong on the head. However, keep in mind that a man will most likely not approve of such a “wild” treatment with a mustache or beard. Beating him is also not worth it – you should be passionate, not cruel.
At the same time, his testicles should be handled very delicately. But the penis can withstand a fairly tenacious grip. However, having gone below the belt, still try to control your passion. If your boyfriend looks at you with frightened eyes and is afraid to move, you should soften a little.



Electricize it!

HOW IT WORKS Men are impatient. Since ancient times, the male tried to drag his girlfriend into the cave and manage as quickly as possible – until competitors ran in or predators attacked. If it was not possible to achieve possession right away, the excitement grows … Sexologists are sure that if the excitement grows gradually, you are more likely to get a bright orgasm.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO You can tickle your nerves with the help of an ordinary feather that has fallen out of the pillow. Or paint brushes. Try writing your name on his back with a pen, or write a declaration of love on his stomach.
If you have long hair, great! Instead of a feather or brush, use long strands – draw, tickle, touch. Or you can lean over your beloved and, swaying slightly, “stroke” him with your loose hair – face, shoulders, arms, stomach or back, legs. The main thing is not to touch the genitals. You can also cover his entire body with kisses, without touching only the main thing … Bring him to a frenzy in this way – and you are guaranteed wild sex!