Open the chakra, sister!

According to the Hindu tradition, a person has seven main psycho-energetic centers (chakras), through which he receives and gives energy. Each chakra is responsible for a specific area of ​​life: safety and survival; sex and pleasure; money and achievements; love and compassion; self-realization; inspiration and intuition; enlightenment and harmony. Some chakras are more developed in women, others in men.


For a strong relationship, it is important that the energy exchange takes place harmoniously: that is, a woman gives a man the energy of female chakras, and vice versa. For example, men have a developed lower chakra Muladhara, responsible for survival and offspring, which is why they are considered to be earners and protectors. The chakra is responsible for the sexual sphere Svadhisthana, which is located just below the navel. It is passive in men, so it is you who give energy in sex, and your partner receives it. Just do not be afraid, this does not mean at all that a woman was created only to please a man and not think about her desires.

Sexual energy can only be shared if there is enough of it. That is why it is so important for a woman to feel attractive, desirable and enjoy sex. Long preludes are ideal for this. Through them, a woman receives affection and tenderness from a man, which are transformed into sexual impulses. In everyday life, harmless flirting is suitable for replenishing sexual energy.


heart chakra Anahata, responsible for love and tenderness, is also more developed in women. Moreover, you can give the energy of this chakra not only through sexual relations, but simply through hugs, a loving look, a smile. A man, not receiving love energy, loses his vitality, the desire to develop and perform feats for you. That is, your man needs not only sex, but also emotions.

One breath for two

In Taoism, the sexual energy qi is considered the basis of human life force. It is not surprising that in this Chinese teaching, sexual practices are emphasized for the highest pleasure. Moreover, the highest pleasure in Taoist has nothing to do with our usual understanding of orgasm. In Chinese teachings, the top of the unity of souls and bodies is the valley orgasm – this is when powerful energy circulates throughout the body and the intensity of sensations increases each time. To achieve this state is possible only with the ability of both partners to control ejaculation and manage energy.



The bad news is that this can take years of training. However, there is an easier way to merge with your loved one: breathing synchronization. The first option: lie down opposite each other, hug tightly and, looking into your eyes, start breathing in the same rhythm. The second option is to quietly adjust to your partner’s breathing.

Position #1

Taoism says that the one who moves during intercourse gives energy, the one who lies motionless receives it. So it is worth periodically changing roles with a partner. The missionary position, which many consider the most boring, in the teachings of the Taoists is just perfect for uniting souls and filling each other with energy. It is important at the same time to look into each other’s eyes and kiss on the lips. Deep kisses are revered by the ancient sages, since a hot tongue is an excellent energy translator.


With such an energy exchange, in addition to pleasure, the body also heals. Several thousand years ago, the treatise “The Book of a Simple Maiden” was written, which gives detailed instructions for healing through sexual caresses. So, to prevent diseases and strengthen relationships, the ancient sages recommend having sex three times daily in different positions for twenty days. You can offer a man such a sex marathon, promising a sea of ​​\u200b\u200benergy for new achievements in return.