He speaks not only about himself

If you go on a date and you already know everything about him, right down to what his turtle was called when he was five years old, he will turn out to be as intrusive in bed as he is in dialogue. In general, an ordinary conversation is a great way to understand how a man will turn out in sex. Those who like to talk only about themselves will put their needs in bed first.


Look for someone who will listen to your stories with interest, laugh at your jokes, and be genuinely interested in your life. This gives hope that in bed such a man will pay more attention to your pleasure, and not to his own.

He doesn’t speak badly of his exes.

Even if his ex ate the last dumpling from his plate, and it caused him (a guy, not a dumpling) deep mental trauma, this does not mean that you need to talk about such things on a date. A guy who bad-mouths his past girlfriend is likely to do the same to you one day.

He doesn’t remember his ex

No, this does not mean that a man should be silent, like a fish on ice, when you start a conversation about past relationships, it just means that he should not talk about her all the time. And even more regret that they broke up, because, in the end, you will get “Sorry, I can’t, I still think about her” at the most interesting moment.


He is constantly learning something new

He enthusiastically tells how he signed up for courses in behavioral genetics? How recently did you learn to ride a motorcycle? How is going to vocal lessons? Yearly lover, you must take! A man who loves to learn new things in life will not refuse to learn something new about your pleasure.

He has a sense of humor

Probably, this item should have been in the first place, because a sense of humor is just a “must”. Without it, not only will there not be good sex, but a good date will not work either. Look for the easy one, the one whose jokes you will laugh at.

He does not press and listens to you

“What did you order? Caesar? Oh no, you have to take mussels in this restaurant. Don’t like mussels? But you simply have to try them here, they are incomparable! No, no, no, no objection!” Do not take a man to bed who decides everything for you. Because later you will hear: “What? Where do you say the clitoris is? Well, no, I’m telling you for sure, it’s not there, but you need to caress only inside. In general, we do not recommend a man who loves the words “should” or “must”.



Choose someone who listens sensitively to your desires, who cares what you want.

He compliments you but doesn’t go overboard

Compliments are a delicate matter. The best man is the one with whom you feel sexy, but at the same time he does not go too far and does not stoop to vulgarity. Choose the one whose words cause a slight blush on the cheeks, but do not drive into the paint.

He doesn’t fuss

With a man who fusses in bed, you can’t cook porridge. Well, you can’t cook anything else, if you know what we mean. A man who is in a hurry will also be in a hurry in bed. Sometimes short passionate sex is not bad, but in order to get to know each other better, it is preferable to do everything slowly.


He knows how to talk about sex

And it’s not at all about the fact that after the words “let’s discuss sex,” his eyes light up, and he begins to retell his exploits or paint in colors what he plans to do with you. A good lover knows how to discuss the topic of intimacy as calmly and friendly as any other, and knows that this is also a “business” conversation: you need to learn about mutual likes and dislikes and raise important issues – such as boundaries and protection.

Photo: Aaron Durall