How to quickly excite a man?

how to turn a man on fast

What woman does not want to be a tempted seductress, so that from one of her breaths all the men within a radius of a kilometer are stacked up. But not everyone knows how to quickly excite a man, most ladies have to look for an approach to a particular gentleman for a long time before they understand what exactly drives him crazy. In order not to waste time, try one of the universal ways to quickly excite a man, perhaps this will help open the door to his passion.

Phrases that excite a man from a distance

Often, ladies believe that to arouse a man, it is enough to cling tightly to his main erogenous zone, and everything else is unimportant. Of course, the caresses of gentle ladies’ hands are very important, but there are also phrases that excite a man even at a distance. You can gently whisper them in your ear, languidly pronounce them into the handset, or you can write an exciting letter to a man – everything is up to your imagination.

Words can be anything – someone comes to combat readiness from tenderness, someone needs vulgar revelations, and someone is delighted with rude, “dirty” words. If you know what kind of phrases turn your man on, you can conduct a small experiment – start saying playful words and look at the reaction. What to talk about is up to you, but the following techniques work best:

  • compliments to a man – his body, only you need to do this with sincere enthusiasm, otherwise, instead of excitement, you risk getting suspicions of selfishness;
  • memories of previous sex or anticipatory fantasies of a new one;
  • your sexual desires and fantasies.

How to excite a man with kisses?

Many believe that no matter how hard you try to quickly excite a man with kisses, it is impossible, they say, they endure all these tendernesses only for the sake of women. Indeed, kisses on the lips are perceived cool by most men, but only if they occur without the participation of the tongue. Ears, neck, back (especially the area between the shoulder blades), and, of course, the genitals are also sensitive to mouth caresses.

Why do men turn on women’s breasts?

Women’s breasts have always been the subject of increased attention of men, beautifully shaped, soft and elastic, it always causes a great desire to touch. Why men are excited by female breasts is not exactly known, some associate this with the memory of the mother’s breasts, others consider the main reason for fantasies to be the presence of an erogenous zone in women in this particular place. Be that as it may, with the help of this weapon a man can be aroused in earnest. The main thing is to competently interest him, so the neckline should be more teasing than frankly deep.

Smells that turn men on

A pleasant smell emanating from a woman can also serve as an additional warming factor. The most powerful aphrodisiacs are the aromas of ylang-ylang, cinnamon, jasmine, bergamot and sandalwood. Light erotic overtones are citrus smells, as well as aromas of lilies, orchids, fruit compositions with hints of vanilla, pepper and blackcurrant. But also with ways to turn a man onit is important to know when to stop, a teasing aroma should be felt only when a man leans towards a woman, and does not spread for kilometers around.

Poses that excite men

If we talk about the bed, then the doggy style poses will be the undoubted leader – the rear view will probably never get tired of men. Also, the horsewoman pose is especially popular, but the classic missionary takes a modest third place.

To understand how to quickly excite a man, what can excite yours, frank conversations and, of course, active actions will help. Therefore, fantasize and experiment with pleasure.