Even if you do not live alone, this is not a reason to refuse masturbation. Here are some tricks on how to keep this intimate process a secret from the neighbors!


1. Don’t be ashamed

Well, by the way, there’s nothing wrong with the fact that you masturbate, and your roommates probably do too. Just try not to bring this inconvenience to others – it will be indecent.

2. Lock the door

If you are lucky and live in a separate room, lock the door when you masturbate. The fact that no one will be able to enter and disturb you will help you to relax properly.

3. Take care of soundproofing

You can hang pictures on the wall, plug the gap under the door with a rag, and if your bed creaks, buy and spray WD-40 spray lubricant on the joints.

4. Turn on the music

If that’s not enough, turn on the background music. Pick up the volume so that it does not disturb the neighbors yet, but already drowns out your voluptuous moans.


5. Use the bathroom wisely

The bathroom is a great place to masturbate. You can play with the shower or even take a waterproof vibrator with you, as it will not be heard in the general noise. Just please don’t do this in the morning before work, making the neighbors nervous and pushing you!

6. Buy quiet toys

If you like to play with vibrators, choose the quietest models. Cheap ones, as a rule, are equipped with vibration motors of a very primitive design, which hum quite loudly. Read online reviews about it and don’t forget to check it out for yourself before you buy!

7. Use headphones

Watching porn in the presence of other people in the room is difficult, as the volume level fluctuates a lot (and sometimes unexpectedly!) If you like to watch porn while masturbating, be sure to use comfortable in-ear headphones, but put only one in your ear so as not to lose touch with the outside world.


8. Control yourself

If you usually moan loudly at orgasm, find a way to throw out energy a little differently. At the climax, try falling face down into the pillow or even biting the blanket to keep from screaming at the top of your voice.


9. Say you are meditating

This works great if your roommates are overly sociable and even annoying. In order to be alone occasionally, tell everyone that you regularly practice meditation. In general, masturbation and meditation are even somewhat similar, so you are partly right!

10. Come up with an excuse

There will probably still be that awkward moment when you get caught with your hand in your pants. To minimize embarrassment, come up with an excuse ahead of time. For example, say that you are changing into more comfortable clothes.


11. Turn it into a game

Try to find your pluses in everything and make the most of the situation. Think about when you can be alone at home and do not miss this chance. Encourage the neighbors to leave you alone, or find an excuse to come home early while no one is around. And some are seriously excited by the possibility of being caught red-handed!