Of course, in order to avoid exposure, you both will have to follow some rules and keep at ease so as not to give yourself away.


So that your curious colleagues do not guess anything and do not blather it to everyone in the world, behave naturally. Don’t avoid your partner, but don’t pay too much attention either. In a word, behave exactly as with other colleagues.

The inevitable question is, can you do this in the office? Of course, it is up to you to decide, but do not forget to think through the consequences in the first place.

Ask yourself what would be the worst possible consequence if you get caught? Such an experience can be very exciting, but if you are an ordinary employee, then you can easily ruin your career with this innocent prank.

So if you don’t have a lockable room at your disposal, you better be patient with sex until the end of the day.


And another important factor is having an honest conversation with yourself about what you really want. Sex for one time, a permanent partner or even a life partner?

If you can’t separate sex from love, don’t experiment and start a relationship with sex. It is extremely rare for a serious relationship to begin with an affair at work.

Be very careful if you still can’t wait to tell someone about your exciting new experience.

When it suddenly becomes completely unbearable, at least choose those interlocutors who have nothing to do with your work.

Well, perhaps that’s all. Enjoy! Only shhh!…