• during a conversation, do not be shy to touch yourself: it can be stroking open areas of your body – neck, shoulders, arms. Do not forget about jewelry that will perfectly help to draw attention to the area where they are located: a bracelet that accentuates the wrist, long earrings that accentuate the neck, a necklace that emphasizes the décolleté. So that these signals do not look deliberate and vulgar, they must be included in the context of the conversation and not focus on what exactly you are doing – you are just keeping the conversation going.
  • you can touch any surrounding objects, thereby causing associations of a sexual nature. When you stroke objects, a man also unconsciously perceives these gestures and involuntarily wants you to touch him just as gently. Communicating with a young man, listening to him, you can thoughtfully stroke a glass, a glass leg, if you drink wine, you can play with a straw – take it in your mouth and, sipping a cocktail, carefully look at him and listen to what he says. You can even stroke the table with slow, smooth movements, while continuing to tell something or listen carefully: the man’s subconscious mind will do the rest of the work for you.

  • the only hidden sexual signal that most men are aware of is fixing their hair and twisting a curl around their finger. When a girl fixes her hair, the young man guesses that she wants to please him, so try to use hair only when the man does not understand at all that you want to attract his attention, and this will be your last weapon. But you can shift your hair from one side to the other, thereby not only giving a recognizable signal, but also exposing your neck. This will be a more subtle and effective technique.

  • if the situation allows, reduce the distance between you. Lean in towards him to demonstrate your interest in the conversation, or sit down closer, for example, to show some photos, interesting information in a magazine, documents. You can also gently touch it if it’s appropriate in the context of the conversation.

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