Many women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, but not all partners are ready to do cunnilingus or caress by hand.

Scientists from the University of Southern California (USA) studied a database that includes information on 52,588 adults (26,032 heterosexual men, 24,102 women, 1,452 bisexual women and 1,002 men).

The average percentage of orgasm in men is 94, in women – 68. However, it is interesting that among women the highest rate is in lesbians (86%), then in bisexual women (66%), and heterosexual women get an orgasm only in 65% of cases.

Women who prefer to have sex with women are more likely to report clitoral stimulation through handjobs and oral sex. They also kiss more, give each other massages, confess their love, experiment and openly say what they want in bed. A large number of participants in the study confirms its reliability.

For most heterosexual couples, sex is associated with vaginal penetration, and little else is given importance. But the clitoris receives almost nothing during vaginal sex, and even with prolonged sex, a woman does not achieve orgasm.

It is known that only one in four gets an orgasm directly from sex.

For many years, researchers relied not on the nature of sex, but on completely different reasons. They tried to connect orgasm with demographics (age, education, income), religion, outlook on life, relationship satisfaction, the presence of sexual trauma in the past. But it turned out that all these factors mean almost nothing! But long caresses, nice words, discussion (and, of course, oral sex) can do a lot for orgasm.