Intimacy is extremely important in a relationship, so we’ve put together five fun ways to work on it in your sex life.


1. Share energy with a partner

When you touch your partner, it is important to transfer the energy of your body to him and share a wonderful mood. May you fill it with your love with every touch.

2. Have a night without sex

Sometimes it pays to experiment and have a night without sex in its traditional sense. You can touch, kiss and hug, but no penetration! Like a foreplay that lasts all night.

3. Make a role-playing box

Write down five role-plays or fantasies that you would like to play with each other and put them in the box. Once a week, have one of you pull out one piece of paper and do what is written on it.

4. Arrange a little secret

In this game, have each of you take turns bringing a new sexual item into the bedroom and trying it out in bed. Anything from handcuffs to blindfolds.

5. Have virtual sex

If one of you is away, don’t be upset. In the yard of the XXI century, so that modern technology can come to the rescue. And it’s much better than not having sex at all!